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Veterans Day: what better way to pay respects and give thanks than beg to have rights taken away

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

This Veterans Day in Springfield, Illinois, members of Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action will be lobbying legislators to support SB1966:

So, what exactly is this bill they are begging legislators to support and why is this a terrible day to do it on?

In short, they are lobbying for

-Mandatory fingerprinting (at the expense of the individual) in order to legally own a firearm

-Cost increases to obtain a FOID card (thus making it more difficult for those with financial hardships to legally own firearms)

-The end of lawful private sales of firearms, as all future sale/transfers will have to go through a FFL. Can’t sell a gun to your law abiding friend anymore with just a call to the Illinois State Police (we have universal background checks in IL), you need to complete the transaction at an FFL, where they will log in the serial number and information in their books (backdoor registration if you ever transfer a firearm to someone else in the state who’s allowed to legally have them).

So, on this upcoming Veterans Day, these activists are choosing to exercise their rights of free speech and assembly to erode people’s 2nd amendment rights. A day in which we respect the people who served in the armed forces through our country’s 243 year history and those that also died defending ALL of our rights and freedoms, and here are these people: begging the corrupt Illinois government to get rid of #2 on the list. It’s not only disrespectful, it’s outright disgusting. This is what you get when you have a bunch of unknowledgeable people fooled by power hungry tyrants (such as Bloomberg). Shame on all of them.

Edit: looks like they’ll be there the 12th as well


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