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Virginia Democrats: Bloomberg's Puppets

In the first part of my VA Dems series, I spelled out the hypocrisy of VA Governor, Ralph Northam and gave details on his Gun Control Schemes he's been pushing hard since the VA Beach Shooting in May of 2019. In my second article on the matter, I gave an assessment on how Gun Control lies in waiting of all the other little issues that the Democrats in Virginia spell out for us. Then I covered Ol Mark Warner.

By now... after the VA elections, many of you should "get it."

Economy factors? Push Gun Control!

Racism problems? Push Gun Control! Equality issues? Push Gun Control!

Climate Change? Push Gun Control!

Abortion Stances!?! PUSH GUN CONTROL!


What are "Gun Sense Candidates?"

A "Gun Sense Candidate" is a politician willing to push Gun Control Propaganda in return for some campaign dollars from Billionaire Gun Control Lobbyists.

"Northam has also received lots of money from political action committees. The Democratic Governors Association donated more than $6 million to him. He's also seen large donations from Planned Parenthood and Everytown for Gun Safety, a group advocating for more gun control that's led by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Northam's father, Wescott, has also donated nearly $300,000." - via November 3, 2017 article, Follow the money: Who's donating to the campaigns for Virginia governor?


From November 2017 to January of 2019, all was hunky dory until February 2019 rolled in and word of Ralph Northam's "Michael Jackson" impression took over the headlines. Gun Control Money Bags, Bloomberg immediately called for Northam to step down from his position as Governor.

But that's all changed now. Bloomberg's purpose was never to have Blackface... I mean... Northam step down. He used this scandal to boost his own appearance after a little racism blunder of his own back in 2015...

Timeline of Blunders and Covers:

July of 2007, Bloomberg faces sexual harassment allegations during his first attempt at a Presidential Campaign.


February of 2015, Bloomberg makes a racist statement wanting to disarm minorities (click pic above for story).

November of 2017, Bloomberg ADMITS he would lose to Trump due to lack of Electoral Votes. for Independents and that party affiliations would have to be SWAYED in order to win.

November of 2017, Virginia GOP starts to drag ass... becoming a Blue State.

February of 2019, one of Bloomberg's "Gun Sense" Candidates has a little scandal.

March of 2019, Bloomberg states that he's NOT running for President 2020.

2019 Bloomberg spends over $3 million on the November 5th, 2019 VA Election to secure Democratic seats.

October of 2019, Michael Bloomberg starts rethinking a 2020 Presidential Run.

November 6th, 2019, the DAY AFTER the VA Elections, Northam shrugs off his Blackface scandal.

SAME DAY November 6th, 2019, Northam plans to push forward with Gun Control measures.

November 25th, 2019, Bloomberg is now in the 2020 Presidential Race- taking aim at Trump by buying elections.

Michael Bloomberg built his company, brand and name on a matter of long term planning and strategy. This is a man that actually PLANS on living to 125, so what do you expect?

So, was this all, a long, drawn out, master plan for Bloomberg to overtake the US?

Did Blooms save up those dollars to pay off his little puppets for an extra push in 2020?

Hate to sound like Alex Jones here, molding my tin-foil hat to fit my big ol kanut... but can't help but wonder if this was exactly that. (And if you've read or listened to anything of mine before... I've been 100% right about it all so far).

Bloomberg is a tyrant and has been quoted to do many things to get what he wants. I can only imagine what else he has in store moving forward to the 2020 Elections.

For those of you wondering what "We Virginians" did to lose the VA Elections, think twice before thinking "we did this to ourselves."

It's all coming to an election near you!

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