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Virginia, in any county that has not yet adopted 2A protections, FOIA THE COUNTY BOARD

Over the past 7 days, the Loudoun County board (and some of its members, specifically the board chair and another board member) have been exposed for being overly sympathetic with Moms Demand Action via FOIA. Clicking those links (mainly the first one) shows that the support is from the outside. The second link provides evidence that the other board member might have taken a bus with a local Moms Demand Action group to go protest at the Supreme Court regarding NYSRPA vs New York. These board members DO NOT CARE about the constitution in regards to the 2nd amendment and will not be swayed by logical arguments. It’s a waste of breath. If you are in a county that has seen little to no action regarding the establishment of 2A protections or if the board is resistant, you need to FOIA and see who they’re chatting with and getting emails from.

Step one: search your county and “FOIA request” on a search engine. Click appropriate link. We’ll use Accomack county for this example (voting on the 18th for a resolution, btw).

Step 2. Locate FOIA email address (in this case as shown above, it also popped up in the google search.

Step 3: Copy and paste this text. Change time of day and dates as needed

Good morning/afternoon/evening,

I would like to make a freedom of information request for the following:

All emails sent to and sent from county board members, between 11/9/19 and 12/12/19, and any individual who identifies themselves as belonging to Moms Demand Action (will be located in the email @, the body of email, or in the signature of email).

This is a personal request and not for commercial purpose. Any hits may be emailed back to me in digital format (pdf, jpeg, etc) at the email address used to send the request.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

(your name)

This literally takes only a few minutes to do and could produce some hits, in which you then present the findings to the board at one of the hearings. Again, the board members that belong to Moms Demand Action (or who are overly sympathetic to them) will never be swayed By arguments or logic. They want you disarmed and imprisoned if you don’t comply with the upcoming legislation. Expose them.

(Note: in many cases, you may have to provide an address to verify you are a Virginia resident, otherwise they won’t do the a personal request. This is on you, VA.)


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