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Virginia Red Flag Law: a peek into the future should it be passed and signed into law

We all know that the Democratic members of the VA house and Senate have a deep disdain for gun owners. They’ve been caught on hot mic, demeaned constituents, and even threatened military action against their opponents (legal gun owners). Matter of fact, some of them think we (and the GOP) are responsible for mass murders.

Red flag laws are another tool at their disposal. What better way to target their opponents on social media! An example is Illinois House Representative Tarver, a gun control advocate that got busted carrying a handgun illegally (although it seems like it may be a clerical error, but whatever). Anyways, he’s voted in favor for more gun control. When people called him out on it over the incident that happened with him, this is what he had to say:

”They (meaning police) should probably take your gun” because someone disagrees with him and called him out. Whether he was reported by Rep Tarver or not, this is the mindset of gun control politicians and the use of red flag laws. They WILL abuse them for more than their intended purpose, which is NOT to Target political opposition.

The Virginia red flag bill is SB 240. It has passed in the Senate and is now in the house.


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