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Washed up rapper EMINEM shills for gun control (what happened in 2001, Slim Shady????)

So Marshall Matters dropped a surprise album today:

He goes on to list all of the major gun control organizations and links for them. Interesting.....

April 23, 2001 -- DETROIT (Reuters) — Rap superstar Eminem pleaded no contest today to two gun-related charges, less than two weeks after he was sentenced to two years' probation on a separate charge of carrying a concealed weapon.
Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Matters III, was charged in an Oakland County, Michigan, court with carrying a concealed firearm and brandishing a weapon during an argument with the road manager of the rival band Insane Clown Posse outside a Royal Oak, Michigan, stereo store in 2000.
Sentencing was scheduled for June 5. He faces up to five years in prison, but his lawyers advised him to plead no contest on the expectation he would receive probation.
"We're very happy that the judge treated Mr. Mathers as she would treat any other defendant that appears before her," Mather's attorney Walter Piszczatowski told reporters after the hearing.
Earlier this month, Mathers was sentenced to two years' probation for carrying a concealed weapon during a brawl outside a Detroit-area nightclub. He allegedly pistol-whipped a man he saw kissing his wife, Kimberly Mathers, less than a week before the Royal Oak dispute. Mathers and his wife have since agreed to divorce.

Yes, let’s listen to this guy. The same guy who was also investigated by the Secret Service because he hates the president so much and they needed to make sure he wasn’t a legitimate violent threat. Go pistol whip someone, Slim.


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