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Washington state representative taunts and mocks gun owners over new anti-gun law

Washington State passed it’s magazine ban, and this state rep is blaming non-criminal gun owners for the violence. Check her wording in both tweets:

Shes referring to the Parkland students btw, and the shooter in that instance was very well known to law enforcement (but thanks to things and ideas like the Promise Program in part, nothing was done).

This law was NOT popular amongst the residents taking part in the legislative process and making their stance known.

As usual though, politicians hell bent on attacking gun owners don’t care about the popularity of bills that they introduce/advocate for, they do it because they want civilian disarmament and to please their lobbying groups. So, here’s what she has to say about Washington gun owners: they’re no longer law abiding. She’s happy about the new class of “criminals“ and she’s getting giddy about enforcement.

If you needed more proof of who this woman answers to, here you go:

Tana and those like her (such as the extremist Karens of Moms Demand Action) are enemies of the people. Plain and simple. It’s either through pure ignorance (many in Moms Demand Action) or it’s because they actually do (her statement mocking the new class of potential criminals points to this) want to criminalize their political opposition. Never submit to these tyrants. We all know in the end they want you in jail or dead. History proves that. They don’t want Americans to have the ability to defend themselves from THEM or from foreign threats.

And don’t worry, Rep Senn. Your state it going to be FLOODED over the next few months. Your law is useless lol.

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