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We were just suspended for “hate speech” but no example provided

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

UPDATE: after our account was restored, a “head hunter” (someone who targets accounts they disagree with on issues, and this one targets pro-2A accounts) said they reported us for using the “C” word. The tweet they reported (which we deleted) was timestamped different than what Twitter showed us (after 9pm, not 7:49PM), but it still could be what caused the ban. Either way, the Tweet they reported was not promoting violence, threatening or harassing them based on race, ethnicity, gender etc etc). This harmless tweet is what triggered them to start swarming our account, which brought the head hunter to us.

So we woke up to this this morning:

We noticed that no example (text or image) is given to show what the “hateful” content is. So we checked our timeline looking for the tweet in question to delete. It doesn’t exist. The 7:49PM time stamp would put it between these two tweets:

Ironically, the other day we published an article with a dug up video w/David Chipman stating he thinks that federal government agencies should be able to run around and confiscate guns from people who participate in online “hate speech”. Gee, us getting flagged and accused of “hate speech” with no proof or evidence is a prime example of how Chipman’s wet dream will be used to target people who did no wrong in the first place. Matter of fact, if you pay attention to our social media accounts and articles, you’ll see we advocate FOR minorities and the LGBTQ community to lawfully get armed and exercise their rights. Yet we’re accused, without proof, of spewing “hateful content” against them? No, the reason we were targeted by Twitter is political (we’re pro-gun), and we have been dropping some bombs and unearthing stuff on David Chipman and his wife that‘s been getting attention (see this thread for an example). I guess that’s “hate speech” or something.

Regardless, Jill (mom-at-arms head) is appealing Twitter‘s decision to ban us without providing evidence of our wrong doings.


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