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YAPping about Gun Grabbers

Let's dream and be imaginative for a bit.

Say for instance, we all were Gun Grabbing activists and not the nutty gun lovers that we've grown to be. What would be the best cause of action for us to get people hyped up for our cause?

Well... canvassing and voting in "Gun Sense" candidates on a local level, right?

Makes sense! Start with smaller groups of people to push ideals on, then expand. Simple enough!

OOOOOO! A better way to think about it would be like we were all legislative leader folks over little islands. (The islands represent our principle voting areas- then merged together, we can see an overall expanse! EPIC idea, huh!?!) It would be so easy to push ideals, propaganda, politics, legislation, CONTROL on small populations- like on an island! Especially a tiny one, then expand to others by making pals with other island legislators and so on...

Well, as much as that seems a little far fetched...

Guess what!?! It's HAPPENED!


The Islands of YAP are less than about 40 miles across. It's total population varies from around 7000 people to a little over 100,000. (Working off Wikipedia on that- but here's a map to help back me a bit.)

Rachelle Bergeron (33), originally of Wisconsin (USA), packed her bags and went on to become assistant attorney general of Yap State, on the Federated States of Micronesia. Her passion to be a champion for the people helped secure her platform as a beloved legislator. She was against human trafficking, and before her time on the island, it was never discussed. She was compassionate about illegal immigration and really fought for the rights of those seeking asylum. She was also a Gun Control Activist, and in her position, she pushed to get heavy laws on the books to help eliminate the Gun Crisis on Yap.

Rachelle Bergeron

Her stances were supported by the majority on the island(s), but some pushed back. It was even stated that Rachelle slept with a machete under her bed for protection. (Guns Bad. Machete Good) An island that only takes about 40 min to an hour to cross completely, it was estimated that only 700 guns were in existence there. To many of her supporters, that number sounded wonderful... as in it was bringing change, but on October 14th, 2019, Rachelle Bergeron fell victim to one of those random firearms, as she was shot three times by a not-so-happy YAPper during a jog.

So, on a small island... a small population... a small number of firearms... powerful legislation couldn't even control the criminals waiting in the darkness for their time to strike.

Our Thoughts and Prayers go out to Rachelle's family and friends... as well as the Yap communities.

Gun Control doesn't work, though. Just sayin...


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