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Yelp goes “woke”, so we have a surprise for them

In case you missed it.......

As a means to help consumers track and avoid establishments that have a history of racism, restaurant and business-reviewing site Yelp is implementing a new feature that will place a Consumer Alert label on business pages that have reviews of “overtly racist actions.”
Announced Thursday, the company stated that its team has noticed an uptick in users who wanted to find and support Black-owned businesses in the aftermath of the police killing of George Floyd. 
Yelp partnered with multiple organizations, such as My Black Receipt, to amplify Black-owned businesses on its website, and soon noticed more and more reviews posted surrounding certain businesses with multiple reviews of racist behavior. 

Should come as no surprise that the left is using this new policy as a means to weaponize it against businesses (which is Yelp’s intent apparently):

So what’s our surprise? Turns out, Yelp employees accuse Yelp of racism and discrimination LOL!!!

Just a few of the recent examples of former employees. Seems that Yelp needs to flag themselves under their new policy.......


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