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Meet The Blogger


Known by her Twitter following as @ShockaJilly... Jilly, Jolly, Jilly, JillyO… or simply, Jill... is a native to the farmlands of Southern Virginia. Jill's upbringing was influenced greatly by her family of farmers/ laborers, military, law enforcement, and medical professionals.

She is a Christian Conservative, Veteran's Wife, and Boy Mom with a passion for helping people.

Prior to the birth of her son in 2016, Jill helped by educating others throughout her community in basic measures of self awareness and defense. As Gun Control groups became more popular within society, Jill took to social media to help in the cause to motivate, inspire and educate the public on the RIGHT to self defense. 

Along with other Pro 2A Women and Mothers like her, Jill is the Gun Lobby's #1 Enemy.


Her mission is to break the twisted narrative the Gun Lobby Portrays. She will succeed.

"With the current state of our nation... how the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment are under attack daily by an agenda looking to weaken us as a people, it is my duty as a Wife, Mother, and Christian WOMAN to take a stand and educate people on their rights to THRIVE."

* Jill also believes in unicorns & dragons... but absolutely not in fairies.