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A message to all of the counter-protestors planning on attending rally tomorrow

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

IGOT is aware of the tricks you’re going to attempt to pull at tomorrow’s rally. Don’t try it. Police have been notified.

Everyone is also aware that the protest is only geared to attack IGOT itself (wouldn’t be the first time the area MDA chapter targeted them):

I would advise you just stay home if you plan on causing trouble, as the event will be well documented and any shenanigans that are pulled will be recorded and published. You have a right to protest peacefully in opposition (that’s the 1A), but step out of line and you’ll be made famous 😘. Try us.

We’d love some hard evidence of MDA behaving badly. We’ve already nabbed Shannon Watts for it, so.....

Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts shared a fake photograph to attack GOP congressional hopeful Nick Freitas in a now-deleted Thursday tweet.
Freitas, an Army veteran, is running to unseat freshman representative Abigail Spanberger (D., Va.), who is backed by prominent gun-control groups, including Moms Demand Action. Watts, who founded the group in 2012, falsely accused Freitas of promoting a t-shirt that bears the Moms Demand Action logo, but features stick figures engaged in various acts of sexual congress and depravity. The Thursday tweet, which Watts has since deleted, included a fundraising plea in support of Spanberger.

Freitas responded to the attack Thursday, accusing Watts of engaging in "politics of slander" to bolster her candidate.
"Not only is this ‘tweet' verifiably fake, but she used it to slander my wife," Freitas said in a tweet. "If they can't win on issues, they engage in the politics of slander + personal destruction." He went on to ask Spanberger if she stood behind the "lies your allies @MomsDemand are spreading to raise money for you." Spanberger has not addressed Watts's tweet and did not respond to a request for comment.
Spanberger narrowly defeated former GOP representative Dave Brat in 2018, becoming the first Democrat to represent Virginia's Seventh Congressional District since 1971. Her seat is now a top target for Republicans looking to gain control of the House. The nonpartisan Cook Political Report changed its rating of the race from "lean Democratic" to "toss-up" in February, citing Freitas's candidacy and Spanberger's vote to impeach President Donald Trump.
The t-shirt in question was designed by Mom-At-Arms, a Second Amendment rights group, in April 2019. The photoshopped image Watts used showed Freitas promoting the shirt on August 30, 2016. Jill McDaniel, who founded Mom-At-Arms in December 2018, confirmed the shirt did not exist at the time of Freitas's supposed promotion.
According to founder Jill McDaniel, the group looked to "troll" Watts by sharing photos of the shirts paired with messages of support toward Moms Demand Action. The tactic proved successful—both Watts and Democratic Pittsburgh mayor Bill Peduto liked and retweeted posts featuring the shirt in August and November 2019, respectively.

Oh, and we got FOIA docs from the MDA area chapter members, so just FYI.......

This MDA chapter should just stick to what they do best, telling others they’re not welcome and also using 15 year old high school kids for politics. I’m curious if this whack job is part of the BG/Vernon Hills MDA chapter (appears to be around CL, so probably not, but still). Oh, and this:

Stick to getting people high to fund your bullshit, K Sara?

If you can make it to support Kyle, be there.


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