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A message to the 2A “couch potato” defenders

Before you judge the title, please read. It’s harsh, but we are where we are right now because people got too comfortable (many activists included). Consider it a wake-up call.

This message is not intended for folks who are active (reaching out to others, attending town halls, participating in their local gun rights groups, etc). This message is to the couch potatoes who see the 2A as a hobby, yet can’t be bothered to go outside of their comfort zone to become an advocate, but complain when things don’t go their/our way.

We have to give props to the antis, as they have turned gun control advocacy into a cult/religion. They live and breath their disdain for guns and the 2A. They make it a point to participate and make their voices heard. Unfortunately, many 2A supporters (not activists that live and breath their advocacy daily) fall into this category:

In short, they’re not doing anything. A retweet of a pro-gun statement or article, or a $10 donation to the NRA doesn‘t help in any other way except those people getting a sense of “oh well, I feel good because I did something”. Well, no, they didn‘t. And to be honest (opinion), they have no room to complain when the 2A gets shredded even more with the new Biden administration and dem majority in the senate. “But muh SCOTUS will save us because it’s unconstitutional“!!! Save it. How many AWB’s and other gun control laws have been upheld at the federal district level and punted by SCOTUS? All have in the past 10 or so years. You can’t rely on the courts in full. You CAN’T rely on others to do the change you want without getting actively involved yourself.

I‘m pleading with the 2A couch potatoes to please get up and out of their peaceful slumber. Stop watching Monday night football if a village meeting is happening at the same time in which something regarding guns will be discussed. Go to it. Speak your mind. Get out of your comfort zone and contribute with your own voice. We are well past the point where we can be comfortable and secure in our rights, as anti-gunners see “rights” at a collective level (good ole “Democracy”), not an individual (god given inalienable). In short, 2A couch potatoes, please do something more than social media or donating pocket change, even if it means attending your local gun rights group’s meetings to have another body in the room and getting a tad more active. Run for office at the local level even, such as for school boards or village trustee positions. Couch potato time is over if you’re serious about being an advocate instead of a part-time “hobbyist”. You will feel great getting more involved. It’s not too late.


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