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About those “hero” Denver healthcare worker protestors (that are wearing the N95’s wrong)......

Updated: May 20, 2020

We’ve all seen the pics of the Denver healthcare workers being propped up as heroes by the left for engaging with lockdown protestors. Far left democrats are celebrating them:

One issue, though. You’d think healthcare workers would be trained in the use of N95 masks.

You DON’T cross them. From 3M directly (the proper way to wear it):

Other images showing proper way to wear it.

The “healthcare heroes” got it wrong LOL!

So, are they new recruits to the healthcare system that haven’t been trained? Or are they not really healthcare workers? You decide. And if they are NOT in fact actual healthcare workers, shame on Democrat activists for waisting 2 N95’s when there’s a shortage of them (those masks could have been donated to the local hospital for people that need them).


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