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Adios, Bloomberg/Everytown stooge Mayor Peduto. Sorry you lost in the primary. We’ll miss you!

The Mom-at-Arms team is going to miss him. Bearing Arms has the story on how he lost in the primaries for re-election for the Pittsburgh mayoral race. He was a blast to troll. One of our researcher’s accounts nailed him good and got him to retweet a troll post out to all of his fans and followers (he must have been drunk and didn’t look hard at it). Wait for iiiiiiiit:

It’s in part because of him this story became a reality:

The t-shirt in question was designed by Mom-At-Arms, a Second Amendment rights group, in April 2019. The photoshopped image Watts used showed Freitas promoting the shirt on August 30, 2016. Jill McDaniel, who founded Mom-At-Arms in December 2018, confirmed the shirt did not exist at the time of Freitas's supposed promotion.
According to founder Jill McDaniel, the group looked to "troll" Watts by sharing photos of the shirts paired with messages of support toward Moms Demand Action. The tactic proved successful—both Watts and Democratic Pittsburgh mayor Bill Peduto liked and retweeted posts featuring the shirt in August and November 2019, respectively.

Besides the funny stuff, he also helped expose who Everytown jumps at the opportunity to use shootings as political tipping points to enact their agenda. These FOIA’s were obtained by our researchers and are comms between the mayor and Everytown just days after the 10/27/18 Tree of Life synagogue shooting (which Peduto used to push his and Everytown’s agenda on this city):

We’re gonna miss him if for nothing else because he was fun to troll and expose. One of Bloomberg’s shills is no more.

Oh, and Bill, it was one of us that published that and sent it out on YouTube 😘. We have allies in the media who have access to that type of raw stuff. You sure jumped on that quick after it was released lol.


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