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Algonquin, IL 5/3 lockdown protestors: a tale of two sides.

Updated: May 20, 2020

First, the pro-lockdown side across the street from the anti-lockdown protestors (signs are making it about healthcare workers):

All 4-5 of them, and not practicing social distancing either (come on, guys. Practice what you preach):

Now, the anti-lockdown protestors (couldn’t fit them all in a picture, so a video instead):

God bless America. We have the right to protest and speak our minds (and it seems at least here, it’s clear more want to open things up than stay locked down). Don’t the dems and anti-gun people always say that the majority rules? According to their own rules then, time to end the lockdown.

And no, no one was blocking the street, dude. So your fears are now unwarranted in that regard.

And there’s Lightfoot.

Shout out to the Algonquin Police Department. They let the people protest and were just there to make sure things didn’t get out of hand (they didn’t).


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