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An Open Letter To New Gun Owners

Booger Hooks, Bang Switches, Pink Polos, Mustard Stains, Rooftop Koreans, Sidewalk Sikhs, Boogaloos, Hawaiian Shirts, Cul-da-sac Commandos and Gun Free Zones!

Freedom is overwhelmingly weird at times, isn't it?

I'm sure you're all being bombarded with lots and lots of info these days. The headlines are NUTS with " Ban Assault Weapons" this, and "Guns Save Lives" that. I'm sure most of you have Googled videos and articles to see how either side of the Gun World works. Big names and organizations screaming at one another... and at you. I hate that for you as New Gun Owners. That's why my team and I here at Mom-At-Arms scream at all these big names and big orgs, on both sides of the fence, and leave you alone. Because American's Rights should be left alone. Period.

Whether you've always been Pro Gun, and are just now coming into your own understanding of self protection; or, you're Pro Gun Control, but know that the times we are living in have opened doors to the fact that you DO need self protection, all of this chaos you're seeing in the mainstream is NOT helping at all. I get it, so, I want to help you understand.

I want to help you understand, not in a political sense... not in a "Constitutional" one... but in one that makes YOU, the New Gun Owner, know THAT YOU are your own first responder.


First, let's cover the white elephant in the room, considering the headlines about protesters and "Cul-de-sac Commandos" (although I told them "Cul-De-Sac Caucasians" but whatevs...).

Our MOST IMPORTANT LESSON is GUN SAFETY. I'm adding a graphic so you can save it to your phones or computers. PLEASE DO! And if you're considering carrying a firearm, implement these practices IMMEDIATELY!

  1. Treat all guns... ALL GUNS... as if they are loaded. Even if you just bought a new one and ripped the tape off the box... That Gun Is Loaded. Start thinking that way, because if you start thinking that way, then the rest of the rules will stick, and how you introduce firearm ownership into your personal, everyday life, will be much safer. YOU will be much safer.

  2. Never ever point your gun at something you are NOT WILLING to destroy AND live with the consequences of its destruction. If you point your gun, loaded or not, at something or someone, that means you do not care about its existence. It means you are willing to eliminate it from existence, so, DO NOT POINT YOUR GUN AT SOMETHING UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING TO LIVE WITHOUT IT AND SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES OF SUCH.

  3. Keep your booger hook off the bang switch, or, better put... KEEP YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER until you have a target in mind. But remember, going back to Rule #2, make sure you're willing to live without that target.

  4. Always be sure of your target AS WELL AS, what's behind it. Why? Well, because bullets travel really fast and are meant to go through things. Once you pull that trigger, there is no "re-dos" or "my bads." The bullet will literally leave the barrel of the firearm and keep going till it loses momentum. So, if you break Rules 1-3, and "accidentally" pull the trigger and a bullet comes out the other end of the gun, towards a wall in your home, more than likely, whatever is on the other side of that wall is going to be affected as well. That could be a family heirloom, a fixture, or even another person. So, choose your targets, as well as what's behind them, wisely.

Many of you have already heard, "if you're going to buy a gun, go to a range or gun shop and ask questions." That's exactly right. Because its YOU that has to carry that firearm and be comfortable with it. Not your pals on social media. Also, training is important, but knowledge about a firearm's, AND its ammunition's, mechanisms are just as important. Find you a firearms basics class and take lots of notes. ASK QUESTIONS if you don't understand something! If you're going to start carrying a firearm, which we all know from the media that they can be destructive if in the wrong hands, MAKE SURE YOU ASK QUESTIONS SO YOUR HANDS AREN'T THE WRONG ONES THEY'RE IN!


Now, if you've gotten this far, awesome!

We are going to talk, real quick, about what's real and whats not in regards to what you see in the media these days about firearm ownership... on both sides of the fence.

For one, its true, major Gun Rights and Gun Control orgs cannot stand each other. WHY? Because of MONEY. Simply Put!

There's a TON of money backing them both, so, please know, that when you are in the midst of some sort of gun debate, for or against, what you're being told through big names like "The NRA" or "Everytown says" is usually something that has a price tag attached to it. Where guns can take lives or save lives, you have big money people using those facts about gun pros and cons as a means of profit. They instigate controversy over a tool to either make you appreciate it, or hate it, when in all actuality, you should do both... appreciate a gun and hate a gun at the same time. It's a form of RESPECT.

The controversy in today's media can be so freakin confusing... and manipulative... that it IS understandable if you have reservations on firearm ownership. You hear both groups screaming, "You've got blood on your hands!!" but in all actuality, its a criminal who has to do the hand washing. So, if you're a good person, who doesn't mean anyone harm, but realize that there are bad people (criminals) in this world, why should you be limited the ability of self protection for the sake of political agendas? That's nuts!

Even though I grew up around firearms, had a LEO as a father to instruct me, and now a Gun Rights activist, I'll admit it... even other Gun Rights Activists fall short. Its all about "who has the bigger gun" or "who's the most gunliest" with some of them. It can be intimidating talking to us Gun Folks at times. Where WE think we are speaking on terms of Liberty & Freedom, it may sound selfish and materialistic because we are supporting a "thing" (gun) to represent Liberty & Freedom, rather than an individual. I GET IT! Some of us actually GET IT, so, you are not alone.

"Swayed Media"

It wasn't until I started talking with ACTUAL SURVIVORS of "Gun Violence" (where a person was shot or held at gunpoint) and other forms of VIOLENCE (domestic, situational, random) , that I began to understand the necessity of firearms in American culture, though. THESE survivors are not paid or promoted in the mainstream like you see with the David Hogg's of the world, or even the Kyle Kushav's. Both Parkland Florida Shooting Survivors. One is Pro Gun Control, the other Pro Gun. These young men have experienced something horribly traumatic... TOGETHER... but are on two different sides of the argument. Where they share an experience, only to disagree on the solutions to avoid it again- which is what you see most from them... their disagreements- they also share one more thing in common... Propaganda pushes for their cause. Both of these guys are also very young and inexperienced on other matters in their lives, so they're only giving an individual viewpoint of a CERTAIN situation. NOT ALL SITUATIONS.


Other survivors of violent acts, that haven't been shoved in front of news crews will tell you, when it comes to the firearm's argument, you do what's right for YOU, and no one else.

So, bottom line... don't listen to any of the media BS or what politicians say, cause these are the facts: A firearm does not pull its own trigger. A firearm CAN be USED to kill if in the wrong hands. There is no justifiable way to legislate evil. Good people do not need to be controlled and there are more good people in this world than there are bad.

Want a firearm to protect yourself from the POSSIBILITY of harm? Buy you a firearm and practice those 4 Rules from above.

Don't want to protect yourself from the POSSIBILITY of harm because you prefer the media hype? Then don't buy a firearm... but remember that as Police Agencies across the country are being disbanded.

If you feel like you're worth Liberty & Freedom, because you are a GOOD AMERICAN, fight for it, but do so wisely by researching and asking lots of questions.


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