And off she went to arm the women...

With fiery red hair, and a personality to match, Kerry Slone's dedication to the 2nd Amendment community isn't just something that comes to her by default. It wasn't some instinctive thing for her to pick up a firearm for protection. It wasn't some instilled aspect that she grew up with. No! Kerry's drive burns from a dark place that formed from the shadows of traumatic experiences at the hands of someone who should've been her protector.

Someone to whom she loved.

Kerry is a domestic violence survivor.

What might feel like a lifetime ago for Kerry, at one point, she was married to a man that betrayed her trust. Someone who was supposed to love and protect her, but piece by piece, he slowly etched away parts of her self awareness and confidence, and over time, he became extremely violent. Then, one day, a day too many, he beat her so badly that the doctor in the Emergency Room told