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And off she went to arm the women...

With fiery red hair, and a personality to match, Kerry Slone's dedication to the 2nd Amendment community isn't just something that comes to her by default. It wasn't some instinctive thing for her to pick up a firearm for protection. It wasn't some instilled aspect that she grew up with. No! Kerry's drive burns from a dark place that formed from the shadows of traumatic experiences at the hands of someone who should've been her protector.

Someone to whom she loved.

Kerry is a domestic violence survivor.

What might feel like a lifetime ago for Kerry, at one point, she was married to a man that betrayed her trust. Someone who was supposed to love and protect her, but piece by piece, he slowly etched away parts of her self awareness and confidence, and over time, he became extremely violent. Then, one day, a day too many, he beat her so badly that the doctor in the Emergency Room told her that if she stayed with him, her days were numbered.

With a police station five minutes away, Kerry waited ten minutes for an officer to arrive after dialing 9-1-1. Kerry's (now) ex-husband was arrested and convicted of felony assault and a DUI. He was also diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder. Not too long after, Kerry's ex- husband's FELONY Domestic Assault Charges were DROPPED TO A MISDEMEANOR. He was allowed to go into a rehabilitation program. This did nothing but give him opportunity to retaliate against Kerry, so he took a job as a pizza delivery guy, and stalked her at every chance he had.

The US Judicial System FAILED Kerry.

She didn't let this stop her, though. She knew she had to use her voice. The fact that the majority of women in domestic situations, who speak out against their abusers, end up crucially hurt or even killed, Kerry made it a mission to use her voice for others, like herself.

She got loud!


Kerry realized that she was her own first responder when faced with a threat, and wanted to help put an end to domestic violence issues. She knew she had to help others realize this! She put her experience out to the public and went on to create an organization called We The Female, whose mission is "TO INSPIRE AMERICAN WOMEN TO EMBRACE AND DEFEND THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS TO LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS THROUGH SELF-DEFENSE AND SECURITY EDUCATION."

Kerry wants to #ArmTheWomen with abilities to take control of their well- being.

Above, Kerry and two of her students posing with their works after class time at the range.

Kerry dedicates her time to making sure Domestic Violence victims all over the country have a means to a method of survival. She recently became a certified firearms instructor for that purpose, through the USCCA, and has also stepped on board with 2A Women as the National Director for the S.A.V.E. program. (Click the pic above to find out more!)


We've mentioned Kerry Slone several times in our articles about Domestic Violence, and, we are truly blessed to have her as part of our contributing team here at Mom-At-Arms. Why are we boasting about her today? Well, Kerry is ready to light another match in opposition of the system that let her down so badly.

Kerry Slone with GOA Exec Director, Erich Pratt

Recently, Kerry joined forces with Gun Owners of America (GOA) to fight the very law that solidified her stance as an Activist for Women's Self Defense. The collaboration between Slone, the GOA, and Gun Owners Foundation are a trio of heavy hitters fighting to preserve the rights of Washington State residents. Not only are these three power players in the Gun Rights world righting the wrongs that Washington State legislators pushed onto the people- by limiting their abilities to thoroughly protect themselves- its also a fight against the limitations that were set for the people to even have a voice in the decision of those laws- when things like petitions that counter are presented.


Kerry's rise to the position as plaintiff in this fight also shows the nation that Gun Rights Are Women's Rights... and there are some women that aren't falling for the victim-hood ideology that Gun Control orgs like to push onto them.

Its great to see more and more women getting involved in the fight for our right to bear arms. Women like Kerry Slone joining GOA in suits against draconian gun laws is what we need to see more of. Gun Control is NOT female friendly. It leaves women vulnerable to more attacks and killings. When women have the right tools for self defense such as a firearm, they have a fighting chance. A chance to change the narrative! Instead of becoming another statistic and victim we can have a chance to be the victor. Something that anti gun champions don't want to see. In their eyes it is better to be a victim than a heroine. Women everywhere should be fighting for their right to self defense in any matter they choose including which caliber suits them. - Mary Schuster- Callison, founding member of 1 Million Moms Against Gun Control

Thank you, Kerry, for helping bring a new focus to the importance of Women in the Gun Rights World. You have the support of many, and we look forward to seeing how far you go.

Don't stop!


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