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Another school district requiring parents to sign “safe storage” slip (MDA is to thank)

Look like the mommies (Moms Demand Action) and the Los Angeles School Police Department are requiring parents to sign a firearms “safe storage” slip:

On top of that, this is distributed to all parents in the district:

“BeSMART” is just a gateway to recruitment into Moms Demand Action/Students Demand Action, as pointed out in the FOIA:

On top of that, who would listen to these “experts” on gun safety? You don’t pick up a firearm by the barrel and have it pointed at your hand, doofus!

This lobbying group is now (and has been) infiltrating schools in order to get their agenda past. Parents need to raise hell over it as it’s not the school district‘s job to mandate policy outside of education. The point of these is to get parents on record as to agreeing to the policy/mandate. So what happens if they’re caught in violation of it? Is their child expelled? Is law enforcement sent to do a “child welfare check”...

Same policy is now active in a school district in Arizona (Again, thanks to the “moms”). I’m sure there’s many more as well.

No one is against locking up firearms for safety reasons as they see fit. Have a school district mandate/enforce a policy regarding it though is overreach.


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