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Anti-gun media groups join forces in.....racism and discrimination against employees?

We’ll keep this short and sweet. USA Today is partnered with Everytown’s Trace Media. Articles are collaborated on with journalists from both outlets sending out big stories on USA Today and the Trace. We did some digging and found that both have more pressing issues with their orgs, though.

It’s no secret (thanks to us) that Everytown had had some ongoing issues in management according to minority employees. Click the links for more, but here’s a recent review (pictured):

Click here to read the full review (this one’s new to us) as there’s more:

Now, as you see, this employee (and the many more listed in our above articles) brings to light racial inequalities at Everytown. We decided to look into USA Today’s parent company (Gannett) and they have some pretty common ground with Everytown on this front:

A first-of-its-kind pay equity study of 14 Gannett newsrooms by NewsGuild members sheds light on stark pay disparities for women and journalists of color and a workforce whiter than the communities they cover.
Key findings:
Women who worked at least 30 years at newspapers currently owned by Gannett earned $27,026 less, or 63% the annual median salary of male peers.
Women of color earned $15,726 less, or 73% of white men’s median salary.
Women earned $9,845 less, or 83% of men’s median salary.
Women 50-60 years old earned $6,642 less, or 90% the median salary of men in the same age range. The gap grew to $10,677 when including part-timers.
Journalists of color earned $5,246 less, or 90% of the white median salary.