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Anti-gunner: “let’s kill judge Benitez”

These people are not only emotionally unstable, they’re completely irrational as well.

  1. state appealed

  2. murder is illegal

  3. they don't seem to mind publicly announcing that it would be funny to kill people with guns

And we’re the “bad guys” in this debate?.....

Oh, and this person is an IDIOT on top of it all. Saying something like that is not a smart move.

The sad thing is, many of these people are mentally ill.

And once again, these women (and men like them) are anti-women. Yep, use a knife and not a gun for self-defense, ladies. You might be able to get their DNA on it if you stab them! Forget using the best tool (a gun) to save your life and the fact the attacker has to be right up next to you to use it effectively, just use a knife instead.

This lady’s statement on judge Benitez is just another example of anti-gunners unhinged thought process. It’s up there with this guy:


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