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Armslist Vs Brady Campaign part 2

Last week we did a write up about the Brady Campaign potentially using the widow of fallen Chicago Police commander Paul Bauer in an attempt to harass their target, Armslist. The Brady Campaign has tried this tactic many times (using victims for their agenda, as noted in the link above) over the past few years. The tactic they’re using is simple: find a willing plaintiff, provide the legal council (the Brady Campaign is not a plaintiff, I wonder why....), file suit and hope for the best. What’s the definition of insanity again?

Let’s discuss a hypothetical situation which may or may not have occurred. Lets say someone that has connections to the Brady Campaign provided someone else with viable information regarding what was said by the Brady bunch to the plaintiff. Let’s say that what was said to the plaintiff in order to talk her into filing the lawsuit is that she is “judgement proof” and that she has nothing to worry about in terms of retaliatory actions (fees, counter suit, etc) by Armslist for filing a frivolous suit against them because she gets a police pension. Well sure, if they said this, there is some partial truth. However, the only thing that is “judgement proof” would be the police pension she is receiving, NOT her own personal assets (house, savings, retirement, etc). The entire truth would have been withheld if this conversation occurred. Further, if she is questioned about this (Brady lawyers want this to be a Jury trial to capitalize on emotions) and this conversation about being “judgement proof” did occur and she lied under oath about it happening, then she just committed perjury, which is a felony. Even if the jury trial rules in favor of the plaintiff, what happens during the appeal (which will undoubtedly happen)?

This is the 3rd time the Brady Campaign has gone after Armslist (which had no connection in any way, shape, or form to the individual who murdered commander Bauer) for something that they had nothing to do with nor any control over. This appears to be the Brady Campaign exploiting the status of victims in order to pursue their own political agenda. By doing this (and not being a co-plaintiff), the only one who would suffer any consequences from filing a frivolous lawsuit would be the Plaintiff. The council walks away, washes their hands of it, and tries again later on (which is their habit).

In all honesty, this case is a big one. It may or may not expose the true agenda of the Brady Campaign and their constant harassment of Armslist. It’s just disgusting that they’re using the widow of a fallen officer as a political pawn in their agenda and possibly subjecting her to more grief. Hopefully a judge reviews the past cases Brady has taken part in vs Armslist and sees what is really going on here. Armslist has every right to fight this and the Brady Campaign should be ashamed of using a widow (especially if the hypothetical situation above did actually occur). One could hope this is all settled so that no party gets too involved in it, as it’s obvious what is happening (and it’s sick).

Armslist appears ready to take the fight all the way home. We hope the situation above is truly hypothetical and not truth. I guess we all might find out soon enough.


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