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Attention Chicago area: Shannon Watts is coming to town

Updated: May 20, 2020

Looks like Shannon Watts will be coming to town to talk about “activism” on 10/14/19.

Link to event and to purchase tickets ($15):

Interesting that an event to discuss activism is being used by her to sell her book (more money for her I guess......)

For those that would be able to make it, some possible topics to bring up:

1. You have claimed that “gun violence prevention” is not a partisan issue. Why then do you and your organization continuously attack one party? Isn’t that partisan?

2. You always say you’re “just a mom”. Did your former experience working in PR for some large organizations (GE, WellPoint, Monsanto, Bayer, etc) have a direct influence on how you promote your/Bloomberg’s organization?

Her “resume”:

from her:

3. What made you merge with Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns in 2013, which then led to the formation of today’s Everytown For Gun Safety?

2013 MAIG 990

2013 MDA 990

4. Did Donna Dees Thomases speak with you at anytime during the first year of Moms Demand Action, or did the way she launched her movement influence how you started yours?

5. Since you’re here in Chicago, will you be making any statements directed at the gangs in the city that are responsible for the the overwhelming majority of the shootings/violence? With the reach of your ”grassroots army”, perhaps they can do events on the south side and help the community come together?

One week away. Let’s get the word out.


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