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Carve-out pro-gun legislation: they’re doing it all wrong (here’s how to do it right)

Updated: May 20, 2020

So, this bill has been filed in Illinois:

They’re doing it ALL WRONG. This separates gun owners and gives special privileges. Now, I understand the point (gives services members who qualify a financial break), but what does it really do? Does it encourage self defense (the reason for concealed carry)? No, it allows a special class to not pay fees that the rest of us do because they serve in the military (thank you service members btw, this is not directed at you whatsoeve). Wouldn‘t a bill like the one below (what I would introduce at least if I was in office) provide/encourage self defense AND make it impossible for the anti-gunners to come up with logical talking points against it without sounding like buffoons and proving they really don’t care about individual safety?

My bill:

Sure, being a victim is unfortunately a “special class” no one wants to belong to, but encouraging them to never be a victim again is far more powerful than waiving fees for service members. Feel free to steal the idea, legislators.

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