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CEO who would profit off of gun control goes off the deep end

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Here’s Matt Harrington:

Matt and his company, Ammo Coding Systems, would benefit greatly from a proposed bill that would require all handgun ammunition to be serialized. Take a read at what the bill includes (yes, criminal charges for not complying).

Of course, Matt is a proponent of the bill, and why wouldn’t he be? He’d make a fortune in Illinois!

As a matter of fact, Matt and Rep. Harper (sponsor of above bill) have tried this before.

Matt likes gun control (and the organizations that support it).

Well, like any gun control proponent, they all get a little hot headed and start making threats in order to scare/intimidate people that don’t agree with them. Permision given to share screenshots by the individual who took them (and who was involved in the conversation):

This isn’t the first time he’s been out of line either (click the videos in link):

Threatening to SWAT and individual when no threats were made is not a joke, and neither is someone with political power threatening to take someone‘s rights away.

This is a Clear example of how unhinged and vile some gun control proponents can get.



A brief update: Two peas in a pod. Matt was at a campaign event today (9/23/19) with Robert Francis O’Rourke.

Oh, and I guess we’re the NRA now.......

Let’s be clear. Matt threatened to send law enforcement to take someone’s FOID away, as seen here (again):

Violating someone’s civil right because you are “one of the main reasons why the (fix the) FOID Card act came about” by stating something like sending the police police to take a FOID away from someone who has shown no direct hostility or threats is not only a threat, it’s also damgerous. Shame on you. If it wasn’t for your actions none of this would have ever happened.

And we should thank him now for showing what he really wants: gun confiscation (which he proved already by threatening to SWAT someone):

“I want guns banned and support confiscation, but I’ll make money off of it while I can“......



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