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Chicago mayor may make it so police have to ask permission before pursuing suspects on foot

This is insane:

CHICAGO - Mayor Lori Lightfoot is considering a momentous change to Chicago police procedure: requiring officers to get a supervisor’s permission before beginning a foot chase.
"No one should die as a result of a foot chase," she said.
The issue gained new urgency after an officer chased and fatally shot Adam Toledo. Video of the incident shows the 13-year old dumping what appears to be a firearm a split-second before he turns and raises his hands. Toledo apparently was handed the gun by Ruben Roman, who allegedly had just used it to fire eight rounds at a passing vehicle. Apparently, no one was hit.
Personal injury lawyer Arturo Jauregui called a news conference to urge reform.
"This is a tragedy that could have and should have been prevented had the police department had clear procedures governing the use of lethal force against children during foot chases," Jauregui said.
Rewriting police policy on all foot chases has now become a hot topic at City Hall. Alderman Brian Hopkins says an official in the mayor's office told him officers could soon be required prior to a foot chase to do what is now required before a vehicle chase: getting permission from higher ups.
"Of course that raises obvious problems," Hopkins said. "In the time it would take to do that, the person you're supposed to be chasing is actually long gone. The point would be moot then."
Hopkins noted one unintended consequence of the vehicle pursuit policy.
"We're seeing more vehicles flee from police officers because word has gotten out that they're probably not going to get permission to chase you," he said.

In short, if police come to the scene on which they are called (such as a woman being raped or something) and the suspect flees the scene, they need to ask their supervisor if it’s ok to pursue, thus giving enough critical time for the perp to get away and do it again (never forget your everyday carry piece, Illinois concealed carriers who are in or visit Chicago). All this is going to do (if enacted) is embolden actual violent criminals to commit more violent acts against the citizens of Chicago. Not shocking, though. As this is the same mayor that is against citizens protecting themselves while using legally carried/owned firearms. Her suggestion? “Don’t do it. Call the police.”

Once again, one of Moms Demand Action’s politicians shows that they have knee-jerk reactions and don’t think of potential consequences of what they want done. If enacted, have fun criminals! And voters, use your head next time around. These politicians don‘t care about you, they only carry about themselves. Want to see Lightfoot’s home during the summer of 2020 when riots were happening and she’s telling people not to defend themselves?


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