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Chief RaShall Brackney, you violated your oath. Resign.

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Update 9/27/19: a petition has been started for her to resign

Yesterday (9/25/19) was a busy day on Capitol Hill. It was the congressional hearing over the proposed “Assault Weapon” ban. The focus on this article will be on one individual who spoke: Charlottesville, VA chief of Police RaShall Brackney.

The Chief testified before the House Judiciary Committee and stated she favored a ban on ANY weapon that could be “used to hunt individuals”.

Charlottesville, Va., Chief of Police RaShall Brackney indicated she was in favor of a ban on "any weapon that could be used to hunt individuals."

Well, considering ANY weapon can be used to HUNT someone, seems she’s in favor of banning not only guns, but anything that could be used as a weapon. By making the statement in front of the entire country, while acting as a representative of Charlottesville, she violated her oath by stating she is in favor of such a ban. Per Virginia law:

And per the standards of the Charlottesville PD:

Per the Virginia constitution:

And of course, per the 2nd amendment:

She believes that WE THE PEOPLE should not have weapons and that it’s the job of the police to protect us. where would she get that idea from? Her Bloomberg allies?

School teacher Carol Busching and Charlottesville Police Chief RaShall Brackney joined Moss on the panel.
"Even here in Charlottesville, and particularly at our schools, threats of gun violence are the number one fear within our schools and public places,” Brackney said.
Brackney emphasized the importance of the state legislature's role when it comes to reform for what she calls unsafe gun laws in the commonwealth.
“For some reason, we don't seem to want to respond with the same kind of vigor when it comes to protecting our society in a very different way," Brackney said.
Brackney says reducing gun violence in Charlottesville isn't something that will happen overnight.
"I think it is going to take a multi-layered approach to this, and that we have to look at it through a variety of lens, and then we have to decide what is it that we're going to give up to make society safer?" Brackney said.

Why is it important to note her fondness for Moms Demand Action? Because political hacks like her are usually used to do what they (MDA) want. In this example, Moms Demand Action is talking to the mayor of Geneva, Illinois about getting POLICE PROTECTION at their public meetings in order to keep NRA members from attending (and good luck finding anything from the NRA telling people to attend. It never happened):

The meeting in question was at a business that is open to the public (Panera Bread).

So will a political Police Chief tell officers to tell anyone that’s wearing a pro-gun shirt or hat that they will not be allowed to have a sandwich or coffee at a business during the same time Moms Demand Action members are holding a meeting in a public location? Is that NOT discrimination? Yeah. You don’t care. We know. As long as your buddies give you some press (Funny how they left out the other comment).

Chief, you favor special interests and your personal opinion over your oath. That is very troubling and not what law enforcement is. Your duty is to uphold the constitution of the United States of America and also the Commonwealth of Virginia. If you want to be an activist, that’s fine. Resign and be one. You are a disgrace to the badge and to law enforcement nationwide.

And it let it also be known that she’s a Bill Peduto stooge (Mayor of Pittsburgh who’s working with Everytown For Gun Safety to ban semi-auto rifles in the city even though its against the state’s constitution):

As to all members of the law enforcement community, many of us civilians have stood by your side during the attack on all of you during the last administration (and various movements that began because of it). Please stand with us now as our (and your) rights are under under attack.

UPDATE 10/3/19:

The City Charlottesville has completed a FOIA request that was done. The request was for emails between the Chief, the mayor, and Everytown/Moms Demand Action. There were two emails that generated hits. The first one (and the photo attachments included in it):

The 2nd email? Here’s the original FOIA request and the response from the city:

Interesting to say the least.


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