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Chief RaShall Brackney, you violated your oath. Resign.

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Update 9/27/19: a petition has been started for her to resign

Yesterday (9/25/19) was a busy day on Capitol Hill. It was the congressional hearing over the proposed “Assault Weapon” ban. The focus on this article will be on one individual who spoke: Charlottesville, VA chief of Police RaShall Brackney.

The Chief testified before the House Judiciary Committee and stated she favored a ban on ANY weapon that could be “used to hunt individuals”.

Charlottesville, Va., Chief of Police RaShall Brackney indicated she was in favor of a ban on "any weapon that could be used to hunt individuals."

Well, considering ANY weapon can be used to HUNT someone, seems she’s in favor of banning not only guns, but anything that could be used as a weapon. By making the statement in front of the entire country, while acting as a representative of Charlottesville, she violated her oath by stating she is in favor of such a ban. Per Virginia law:

And per the standards of the Charlottesville PD: