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Chief sponsor of IL bill raising FOID costs votes to pay herself more during lockdown crisis

Seems the mastermind behind SB1966 (FOID card fee increase and mandatory fingerprinting at gun owners’ expense) thinks she’s doing such a good job that even though many Illinoisans are out of work, she herself deserves a pay raise!

We broke the story of the FOID fee mess on 12/2/19 (picked up and sourced by TTAG and Guns Save Life 2 days later) and made the case as to why more funds aren’t needed (a damn good one at that. Hot link doesn’t seem to work, so here’s direct link )

Legislators were sweeping funds meant to facilitate the program and the IL State Police also left much of the money untouched. Willis was involved in it and aware of the sweeps (again, issue with hot link ).

She voted for the budget that authorized it! This whole mess has turned into a federal lawsuit.

Lawmakers like this are what’s wrong with the country. Their constituents are suffering financially due to circumstances that are outside of their control, yet these “public servants“ vote to give themselves more money. Disgusting. Meanwhile, Willis’s allies are pushing for her bill to be voted on in the IL Senate as we speak. Will these lobbyist groups and their goons care about lawful gun owners having to pay more to legally own a firearm at a time they might not be able to fork out $150+ bucks? No. They won’t. Neither will they care that their allied lawmakers are giving themselves pay raises during this time.


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