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Cook County SA halts domestic violence prosecutions. What say you, Moms Demand Action?

Updated: May 20, 2020

Prosecutors have all but stopped prosecuting new domestic violence cases in Cook County at the direction of State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, according to a report by the Chicago Tribune
“Chicago police and domestic violence advocates say they were caught off guard [when Foxx] announced she was removing prosecutors from the domestic violence courthouse for 14 days after an employee tested positive for the coronavirus,” the paper reported.
The decision to stop prosecuting all but the most violent cases comes as domestic incidents are on the rise while people spend more time indoors together during the state’s stay-at-home order.
Only extremely violent cases will be prosecuted in the coming days. Instead, victims will be told to file for civil emergency orders of protection and then talk to prosecutors in a couple of weeks about pursuing criminal charges against their alleged abuser, according to the paper.

Kim Foxx was supported by MDA during her candidacy:

Chicago - In a new television commercial hitting the airwaves on Monday, Friends for Foxx draws a stark contrast to opponents in the race for Cook County State’s Attorney.  This new ad highlights the diverse communities across Cook County that State’s Attorney Kim Foxx has worked to protect time and time again. This ad brings together people like Maria Oike with Moms Demand Action and Jahmal Cole from My Block, My Hood, My City who came out to participate. 
State’s Attorney Kim Foxx has taken on the NRA. She knew the best way to keep the streets of Cook County safe was to not let gun lobbyists flood it with assault weapons. State’s Attorney Kim Foxx is committed to justice for people who have lost loved ones to gun violence and understands the trauma that too many residents face every day. 

Here’s the ad:

This is what MDA is trying to focus on now:

Well gee, Shannon and MDA. Kim Foxx (a state’s attorney YOUR organization appeared in an ad with and supported) has put domestic violence on the shelf pretty much. What are you going to do? Complain about the NRA and legal guns sales, or get on Foxx’s ass? I already know the answer. You won’t say a thing because she’s your political ally...


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