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She sat at home, in shock and horror as she watched the news coverage: small children, teachers and office personnel were shot, after a crazed gunman walked into their institution and opened fire.

"Enough is Enough," she told herself, so she started studying up on Gun Control. With her background in media works, as well as some politics, she used her knowledge and resources to reach out to other moms who shared her concerns, and a grassroots movement was born.

Yes. You've probably heard me introduce Shannon R. Watts of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense In America in this manner, many times before... but... I'm actually NOT talking about her here.

I'm talking about the "ORIGINAL MOM ADVOCATE OF GUN CONTROL, Donna Dees-Thomases, founder of Million Mom March.

Donna Dess- Thomases, just a mom of FIVE (2 of her own and 3 step children), started her mission to end Gun Violence immediately after the Los Angeles Jewish Community Center shooting, in Granada Hills, CA that happened on August 10, 1999. Around 10:50am, racist/ white supremacist, Buford O. Furrow, Jr walked inside the lobby and started shooting. 3 small children, a teen counselor, and an office worker were shot and injured. Furrow ran out of the center, killed a mailman, then left the state. He later surrendered to authorities.

Buford O. Furrow, Jr, like many "Mass Shooters" we've been aware about over the years, was mentally deranged and involved in hate groups, such as Aryan Nations. While in custody in the state of Washington, months prior to the Los Angeles Jewish Community Center Shooting, Furrow was seen by therapists for evaluations and was diagnosed with a mental illness.

Shannon R. Watts, just a mom of FIVE (3 of her own, and 2 step children), started her mission to end Gun Violence immediately after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, CT that happened on December 14, 2012. 20yr old Adam Lanza killed his mother around 9am, then left to go to Sandy Hook Elementary School- where he shot and killed 20 children and 6 teachers, before turning a gun on himself- in what was dubbed the worst School Mass Shooting in the Nation.

Adam P. Lanza, like many "Mass Shooters" we've been aware about over the years, was mentally deranged and even conspired in hate towards Sandy Hook, in the months and years prior to the shooting. Investigators found many books and articles on mass shootings in Lanza's room, as well as released info that Adam had issues with mental illness, such as being diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Delusions & Depression. Many of his symptoms of mental illness were diagnosed at the AGE OF THREE.


Just reading the above tid bits of information, you'd probably tell yourself, "This is just a coincidence! They're similar... not the same, Jill! You just despise Shannon Watts so much, you're meshing it all together!!!"

Or am I?

In 1999, when Dees- Thomases came about with the Million Mom March, I was in the middle of my high school career. "Mass Shootings" and even teen suicides, didn't really happen back then, as they do now. Or at least, it wasn't too popular to capitalize off of them politically. Rarely saw anything on the news about them. Aside from my father and MOTHER's instructions at home on firearms, I was literally taught Gun Safety courses in school. Yes! There were a few occasions that I can remember where a student brought a firearm to school, but since we were of a generation that were taught to be aware of our surroundings, IF WE SAW SOMETHING, WE SAID SOMETHING, because we knew the dangers and wanted to make sure that things like Parkland, Florida, didn't happen to us. (Same goes for bullying- we nipped it in the butt before it got out of hand) #CommonSense

So, what happened to our youth?

Well, bored MOMs like Dees- Thomases, with a heavily linked backing with politicians happened. One of those politicians in particular... The One And Only, NASTY WOMAN, herself... Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Former President Bill & Former First Lady Hillary Clinton at the first Million Mom March in Washington D.C. 2000


Donna Dees-Thomases, as portrayed by news reports and media interviews at the time of her uprising in 1999, was just an "Accidental Activist." Quotes from friends labeled her as "just a mom, trying to get by everyday, taking care of her two girls." Even some stating that her interests in politics came as a shock to them. Well... that's a little bit of a fib. (Check out this video link: Kids and Guns, Tom Brokaw interviews Donna Dees Thomases)

Where in the past, other reliable media outlets have once debunked the "fluff" that Donna Dees- Thomases was "just a suburban housewife with a serious need to end Gun Violence," they also called her out on how the mainstream media of that time inflated such by hiding her actual background. Dees- Thomases, straight out of college, worked for TWO of her home state of Louisiana's Senators. (Much like Shannon Watts) With a degree in journalism, she also went on to work in PR (Publicity) for CBS News, Dan Rather and then into late night television for David Letterman. Not only that, Donna Dees- Thomases was already well connected to major politicians through her sister-in-law, Susan Thomases. Susan is really good friends with Hillary Clinton. (Link To Washington Examiner Article: Million Mom Mush)

This information, I've kept on the side for about two years. (Its out there... not like I was hiding it.) When Obama started pushing Gun Control hard in his second term, I started looking into Gun Control movements, because I... like others... thought the tragedies that were occurring were starting to sound like a broken record. That's something you learn to look for when investigating (or at least what I learned to do when my father- a LEO/ FBI guy taught me... as well as my own little stint in studying journalism)- You look for the similarities. When things sound like they're happening over and over and over and over again in society... ya kinda need to start looking at how policy allowed for loopholes. It wasn't until Trump took office that I knew things were gonna go crazy with Gun Control. I watched... I waited... and like turning back a page in history, it all started up again.

Honestly, that's what Gun Control Groups ARE doing... they're using it to their advantage where WE... laid back Gun Nuts... have gotten lazy. They see the loopholes and how self defensive measures, like guns actually fill them in- but they highlight the negative aspects, rather than the positive. THEY KNOW that the only way to close those loopholes, is to change things up and take a different path from their "Gun Control Now" approach. The Gun Control Now path... is paved in dollar signs, though. They don't make money off of well informed, independent thinking, socially aware people. That is a fact! How do I know? I used to work in PR and Advertising, myself. Pulling on heartstrings and the vulnerabilities of the public is LITERALLY PART OF THE JOB. When I saw Shannon R. Watts of Moms Demand Action doing this, I started studying and researching on her more... and noticed that her foundation was built on that of just another mom's.


When asked where she came up with the name, "Million Mom March," founder, Donna Dees- Thomases says that she drew inspiration from organizations like, "Million Man March." The Million Man March set out as a staple movement to solve the problems that plagued the African American Male Culture. Led/ organized by Civil Rights leaders like Louis Farrakhan, the Million Man March also helped set the pace for many of the "marches" we see today. Dees- Thomases knew of its power on The People, and she humbly used it as an example to dub her own movement. (How Dees-Thomases came up with the name: Million Mom March)

Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, started her movement with the power of social media. Through Facebook she originally named her organization "1 Million Moms For Gun Control." I have always wondered WHY she REALLY changed the name. Like all good PR folks know, using the same tricks from a successful campaign prior, could cost YOU. What works for one, doesn't always work for the other. Just my assessment (or bit of an opinion on the matter), but I think my pal Watts saw that it was waaaaay too similar to Dees- Thomases', and when traffic started to roll in for her 1 Million Moms endeavor, the name changed to Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense in America. Can't go around having too many links to other controversial groups. Then of course, Watts is linked to March For Our Lives, who's linked to the Women's March, who's linked to Linda Sarsour, who's linked to Louis Farrakhan and CAIR. I can keep linking, but they all have one major link, other than billionaire politicians like Michael Bloomberg and money bags forever like George Soros... and that's Ol Hillary Clinton.

(Please note: If this blog makes national attention, I have never, nor will I ever contemplate suicide- so if I go missing... y'all know what's up!)


Recently, Shannon Watts released her new book, "Fight Like A Mother," to the masses of Moms Against Gun Violence in Everytown Across America. Even this milestone for her has a lot in common with that of Donna Dees- Thomases book on how to rally the troops. Both ladies are looking for a few good moms to fight like mothers against the made up term, "Gun Violence." They even have had politicians and fancy-schmancy Hollywood types give forwarding messages on why THEY, who are super guarded by armed security daily, support Gun Control. (They also have walls with big gates around their homes... just sayin...)


I have to say, there might be someone out there in the world that drew these links prior to myself. I'm not like Shannon Watts and about stealing someone else's work, but in the grand scheme of what's going on in our society today, I can't help but wonder why I've not heard much about this prior.

Dana Loesch, a wife and a mother who loves her family enough to want to protect them from outside dangers- who also happens to be a former NRA Spokesperson- has been belittled and defamed by Shannon Watts for a long time now. Loesch, along with her husband, Chris have not only had their lives threatened, but also that of their children, as Gun Control supporters continuously back the idea that Dana promoted lies for the NRA. This idea against Dana was started by Shannon Watts. (FACT)

Left Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood and Right Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action/ Everytown

Something I learned growing up with a younger sibling: it's easier to get away with a lie, when you call another a liar first. Watts, who's background is tarnished with how she's handled the lies of her previous career en devours (Monsanto & Bluecross Blueshield for example) , of course cannot take on the negative press when it comes to her "supposed" love for children. I'm not saying she doesn't love her children, but I am saying that because of the similarities between her's and Donna Dees- Thomases' "grassroots" movements, I don't think Watts' intentions are all sweet and motherly. Then again, she and former director of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, are BFFs.

Profit paves a pretty path... and Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is an actress for hire... and Donna Dees-Thomases is a wonderful director. Fortunately, THIS MOM saw right through it all.

Video above is actually a conglomeration of pics from all these "Marches" going on. They all look alike, don't they? Even a little snippet of Donna Dees-Thomases prophesying "Everytown for Gun Safety."

Until next time... Take care of yourselves!


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