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David Chipman: Feds should be able to confiscate guns from people who use “hate speech” online

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

From an interview by BBC in 2019. As we all know, “hate speech” is turning into whatever the far-left politicians and activists say it is. Can you imagine this guy leading the ATF and having an ATF task force that just looked for “wrong think” talk online and if you said something that offended them they’d act on it and take your guns?

I wonder if opposing critical race theory would be considered “hate speech”? David’s wife, Tara, is pretty outspoken on Twitter about her beliefs (thread on her and David here. She’s former brass at the ATF and just retired last week after some stuff came out).

Also, their daughter (not sure if it’s their together or daughter by marriage) is vocal about Black Lives Matter. Would going against the corrupt national non-profit be “hate speech”?

Or what about not conforming and supporting the LGBTQ+ agenda with 100% open arms? Would lawfully protesting against transgender people using the same restroom and spas as biological females be “hate speech”?

People like the Chipmans are free to express their views and politics. We at MAA don’t care what people do in their own bedrooms or who they support. However, when they make it known that they despise people who object and see them as enemies and “white supremacists” without evidence other than a different opinion, then you really need to wonder if someone like David can lead a federal agency without bias, as he is an anti-rights extremist, a supporter of militant police tactics, and a proponent of forcible stripping of political opponents' constitutional protections.

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Larry Spencer
Larry Spencer

"Hate speech" is the artificial, subjective category of speech that tyrants want to exclude from First Amendment protections... just as "assault weapons" is the artificial, subjective category of firearms that tyrants want to exclude from the Second.


Jeff Yungen
Jeff Yungen

“Hate speech” has always been a slippery slope for the loss of our rights.

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