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David Hogg wants to “toss the salad”

America, it’s time we all “toss the salad”

Is he implying we should do this, America?

David, no one wants to “toss salad”. You need to shut up. And if you hate America so much, I hear China is nice this time of year. Hey, wait, did you go already?.......

A Chinese government panel recently invited gun control activists from the United States, along with diplomats and human rights activists for a hearing in Beijing on gun violence in the U.S.
In an article that appeared Wednesday on China’s state-run Global Times, China’s Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC) conducted a hearing to determine whether the U.S. is safe enough for Chinese students and companies to continue their respective studies and business transactions within the U.S.

Why would Gun control groups want to meet with a country that does THIS?

Last month, the United States government issued sanctions against eight Chinese companies for complicity in the crackdown on Chinese Muslims in Xinjiang. As many as a million Uighurs, Kazakhs and other ethnic minorities have been “interned” — wrenched away from families and dumped into harsh detention camps that the government insists are merely re-education centers. In light of those sanctions, why haven’t the California State Teachers’ Retirement System and other American funds announced that they would stop investing in companies under sanctions? And why is the federal employee retirement fund poised to move retirement assets to an index fund that includes Chinese companies in 2020?
By any standard, China is led by an amoral dictatorship. In addition to the continuing horrors in Xinjiang, young people in Hong Kong fighting for freedom fear being brutalized by Chinese security forces. In the South China Sea, the People’s Liberation Navy has all but annexed a vast swath of other nations’ territory and international waters. Chinese companies, answerable to the Communist Party, probably have built surveillance into drones that Americans buy and telephones that are bought the world over. Beijing trolls your children’s apps and Chinese hackers have allegedly already breached the private financial and personal information of millions of Americans, not to mention the possibility of forays into America’s most advanced defense plans.

By all means, David, you and your allies keep “tossing the salad” of the Chinese. We true Americans don’t need you.

UPDATE: He finally got it.

Maybe that’s why “the young people“ shouldn’t take everything over, right David? You don’t know everything, even though you act like it.


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