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Dear Gun Loving Men,

Thank you for supporting the 2nd Amendment Right of Americans. Thank you for supporting MY Right to self preservation... to self defense... to the ability to hold a tyrannical government accountable (if need be). THANK YOU!

Now, I'm going to ask for a favor... stop being so "loud" about it.

(Keep reading before that Toxic Masculinity overflows)

I love you Gun Totin', Alpha Males.

I really do! OMG!

I love it when y'all tell me to check out the gun in your pocket... and y'all LITERALLY show me a gun in your pocket. Call me an ammosexual, but I eat that shit up! I find it ultimately attractive when a man stands his ground on his beliefs, morals, and values. I think most women actually do-

Conservative or NOT!

Add a fancy pea- shooter and HOT DANG! *DROOLING*

Here's where we come to a tiny impasse of sorts, though.

Guys, I love ya... but... y'all need to start giving us Pro 2A, Pro Gun Ladies the floor.

Stop overstepping and overshadowing.

NO! Don't stop supporting and standing up for your beliefs, but seriously, though... y'all have got to understand that the only way WE are going to WIN against these Gun Control Groups, is by using their same tactics- and guess who they tend to target most!?!