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Do as I say, Not as I do. What’s ok for me, is not ok for YOOOU!

Memorial Day Weekend 2020- many throughout the nation are using the holiday to spend quality time with their families, and/ or enjoying time outdoors, as they implement a ”New Normal” way of life into their day to day.

Even President Trump took the opportunity to spend some more time on his OWN Golf Course in Virginia... doing his best to shake out some stress from... well... you know... RUNNING A COUNTRY.

Pics courtesy of Photojournalist Khalil Abdallah with, CNN.

After catching several pics of Trump enjoying his day, with just THREE of his friends and a caddie, Abdallah took it to Twitter, to do what CNN does best, and bash the President on keeping his squad under TEN... (Click pic below to go to tweet)

Which is what Governor of VA, Ralph Northam mandated for gatherings in the state back in March. (Click pic below to be taken to sourced link)

Annnnnd then... (Click pic below to go to article)

So, while Trump enjoyed his day, complying to Northam’s order...

And even driving alone in his golf cart...

Other Trump hating journalists took to social media to express their concerns... (click the pic below to go to the tweet)

These journalists’ profiles so y’all can get a sense of who they are, and see where the bias is.

We know CNN is trash, but keep reading for even more proof!

So, Trump went golfing during a holiday weekend, to his own golf club, in his own golf cart, with 3 or 4 of his buddies.

Now... let’s go back to Ol Ralph Northam, the Blackface, Gun Grabbing, “Trust me! I’m a Doctor!“ Tyrant of Virginia- who’s expected to issue a Mandatory Masking throughout Virginia, Tuesday, May 26th, 2020 during his 2pm EST Coronavirus Update.

In the above pic (courtesy of WAVY10 News), Ralph Northam, Governor of Virginia gives an interview with reporters while on the boardwalk at Virginia Beach on May 23rd, 2020. (Click pic below to be taken to tweet)

From the angle above, all looks fine and well. He’s within his own social distancing measures, while outside, enjoying the sun... with no mask.

BUT, courtesy of pissed off Virginians, other pics have surfaced of the WHOLE STORY about Northam’s Virginia Beach visit...

If you look closely, Ms. Scott, the journalist who interviewed Northam, as well as some of her crew from WAVY NEWS, have on masks...

Northam, nor his entourage, have on masks, though. AND because they do not have on masks, they are not within a “socially distanced” spacing from one another.

If you’re someone reading this and just think that Mom-At-Arms needs a muzzle rather than a mask, here’s another angle of Northam NOT following his own lockdown measures...

Considering your actions in regards to Virginian‘s 2A Rights, as well as your horrible attempt at clapping back at Trump with his “potato remark,” from these pics, this isn’t a good look, Ralphie...

But, on the other hand... it looks like Virginia is OPEN!


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