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Everytown and Shannon Watts continue to gaslight regarding self-defense laws

Not much else to say, other than these people are either incredibly stupid (no comment lol) or they are purposely gaslighting regarding stand-your-ground laws (they are). It doesn’t make murder “legal”, it just means that in a potential life or death situation where self-defense is necessary that you don’t have a duty to retreat/attempt to retreat. It makes it so that the victim (who the aggressor is attacking/attempting to attack) isn’t held criminally liable if justifiable lethal force is used. For example: a woman walking alone at night is approached by a masked man (thanks, Covid) and the man says “give me your money or I’ll kill you”. The woman then has a reason to fear she may become a victim of a violent crime, so she has the right to “stand her ground”, draw her gun and if needed, fire to protect herself due to the fact her life was threatened by some random person that approached her on the street and demanded something in exchange for her to be allowed to continue to live. That’s it. It doesn’t give you the “right” to just kill anyone or kill your spouse during an argument, that’s called murder (to which the degree of murder depends on the situation). Further, investigations are still done to determine if it was justifiable or not, as we saw in the Ahmaud Arbery case (the defendants claimed it was “stand your ground” self-defense, but it wasn’t and now they are in prison“. As always though, facts, logic and truth escape these people because they care about none of those things.

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Larry Spencer
Larry Spencer
23 févr. 2022

"My ex-husband said that this law would allow him to murder me and claim I threatened him."

Prove it.

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