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Everytown Brass helped spearhead the “wokeness” in the CJS

Sometimes you get a lead and you go down a rabbit hole and you’re just like “whoa”. John Feinblatt is the President of Everytown For Gun Safety and Eric Tirschwell is the Executive Director of Everytown Law. To make this short and sweet, before they were working with the gun control lobby, here’s what they did.

Feinblatt founded the Center for Court Innovation in 1996. What’s their goal and why do they exist?

The Center for Court Innovation exists to achieve a justice system that is fair, effective, and humane. We work with both government and communities to develop and run programs that have reduced the use of incarceration, increased equity, and strengthened neighborhoods by increasing safety and economic opportunity. We perform original researchto identify what works. And we share what we learn from our programming and research with those seeking to transform the justice system around the world.

They have a wide range of powerful partners and foundations. Feinblatt even co-authored a book that to this day is taught in law schools around the country. The org he founded describes it here:

American criminal courts are in desperate need of reform. Public confidence in justice is at an all-time low. Victims, communities and even offenders see courts as unable to respond effectively to complex social and legal problems like drugs, domestic violence and quality-of-life crime. Even many judges and attorneys think that the courts produce assembly line justice.
Increasingly embraced by even the most hard-on-crime jurists, problem-solving justice offers an effective alternative. As documented by Greg Berman and John Feinblatt—both of whom were instrumental in setting up New York's Midtown Community Court and Red Hook Community Justice Center, two of the nation's premier models for problem-solving justice—problem-solving courts re-engineer the way everyday criminal justice problems are addressed. Community courts, domestic violence courts, mental health courts, and drug courts focus on the underlying problems that bring people to court, offering a more effective response to crime.

His book is even part of Federal justice programs.

You get the idea. He had worked extensively in criminal justice reform (reform meaning focus less on punishment and more on “rehabilitation“ through new ideas and such that result in less incarceratio).

Eric Tirschwell, Everytown’s head lawyer, served as brass on the United States Sentencing Commission. What’s their role?

The U.S. Sentencing Commission, a bipartisan, independent agency located in the judicial branch of government, was created by Congress in 1984 to reduce sentencing disparities and promote transparency and proportionality in sentencing.
The Commission collects, analyzes, and distributes a broad array of information on federal sentencing practices. The Commission also continuously establishes and amends sentencing guidelines for the judicial branch and assists the other branches in developing effective and efficient crime policy. Learn the basics of federal sentencing.

Now, why is most of this important on the surface? Let’s bring in our newest SCOTUS Justice (we all know about some of her past sentences given to some very disgusting offenders including rape and child sexual assault):

So, we have two guys who started their career into the gun control lobbying “lobby”, that work tirelessly to create a whole new class of criminals (gun owners) if we don’t follow the laws they help get enacted, and they previously worked hard to get ACTUAL criminals breaks and treat them as victims themselves. There is a reason for this. They want us to have the harsh punishments that they helped get bad people out of. We are their enemy and are actively trying to criminalize us and disarm us. Want proof? Here:

The U.S. faces a confluence of dangerous challenges from white supremacists, anti-government militias, and other armed groups and individuals of the extreme right that seek to perpetrate violence, spread conspiracies, traffic in hate speech, and engage in armed intimidation. Guns and gun rights are central to many extreme-right groups and individuals.

What about the left wing?

Of course, there have been individuals and groups with left-leaning ideologies who have perpetrated gun violence in the US. However, readers should avoid false equivalence: At present, in extreme right circles, numerous militias, white supremacists, and other fringe groups stockpile weapons and openly discuss acts of violence with regularity. The assessment of law enforcement is that these groups on the extreme right cause the greatest risk to domestic security.

These people and orgs are far more dangerous to our republic than many realize. They are hyper-partisan and don’t care about ending “gun violence”. They just use that as a basis to advance their disarmament agenda, with their sites set on their political enemies, not the ones actually out going around and shooting people. Oh, and where do you think things like cashless bail and other “wonderful” policies originated from?....

Oh, and don’t think for a moment they are advocates for minorities or something. Former employees of Everytown have a few things to say about the racism and discrimination inside the organization in which these two help lead:


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