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Everytown endorsed candidate verbally assaults children and calls them racial slurs

Nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to the candidates Everytown and Moms Demand Action support. Take, for example, Abby Broyles. She had joined the ranks of many other Everytown backed candidates/politicians that do some rather awful things. I’ve never thought someone would one-up Kellye Burke when it comes to harassing teenagers:

Abby is currently running for a house seat after that failed run, but what else has she been up to? Apparently a lot this past week:

A Democratic candidate for the House of Representatives in Oklahoma allegedly swore at tween girls and puked on a child's shoes during a slumber party where she got drunk, according to parents speaking out after the bizarre sleepover.
Abby Broyles, who is running against Republican Rep. Stephanie Bice in Oklahoma's fifth congressional district, allegedly berated some of the 12- and 13-year-old children attending the gathering over the Valentine's Day weekend.
According to multiple accounts of the evening, Broyles cursed at the children, calling several girls "Hispanic f*cker," "acne f*cker," and "judgy f*cker."
At one point during the night, an intoxicated Broyles vomited into a laundry basket and onto one of the girl's shoes, the parents of the kids are now alleging.

If all of these allegations are true (and they appear to be), she can always get a backup gig at Everytown HQ. They love their racism and booze there, as Everytown employees have stated they there is an issue with “rampant racism” and “a culture of alcoholism”.......

UPDATE: really not a good look at all. Taking prescription drugs that aren’t for you and drinking at the same time. Makes her case worse if this is her trying to make excuses, as if the drug mentioned is a controlled substance and she’s taking something that wasn’t prescribed to her......

KEVIN OGLE: In the past 24 hours, there’s been a lot of documentation about what happened out there. If, from what I’ve read, that’s not the Abby Broyles I worked with at Channel 4. What happened?
ABBY BROYLES: She asked me to come over. She asked me to bring some wine. We had wine and sushi and a couple of hours later, we were upstairs in their theater room watching a movie.
For years I have struggled with stress and anxiety and insomnia. I took the bar exam on 2 hours of sleep. I mean, this is how far this goes back for me. And she knows that. And she gave me a medication I had never taken before. And I had an adverse reaction. Instead of helping me sleep, I hallucinated. And I don’t remember anything until I woke up or came to, and I was throwing up in a hamper.
KEVIN OGLE: So you’re saying the wine and the medication you were given reacted in a way that you behaved in a way that you usually wouldn’t and you don’t remember?
ABBY BROYLES: I don’t. I remember starting to hallucinate, and the rest is just blurry. I just remember opening my eyes, and I had gotten sick in this hamper and I didn’t know where I was. It was the most awful experience that I’ve had.

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Larry Spencer
Larry Spencer
Feb 19, 2022

During the '50s, the music industry cultivated acts like The Everly Brothers, Elvis, and Buddy Holly to enable them to market the new "black music" with socially-acceptable white faces.

I look at Broyles' photo, and I see Oklahoma's "Everly Brothers" homage to AOC.

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