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Facebook is going to all new Extremes!

Logged into Facebook lately?

Well, if you have, you're probably like the rest of us and wondering why you're getting a pop up notification warning you that you may have been exposed to some sort of "extremist" activity while partaking of its platform.

It might also be good to note, that if you have not gotten this notification... well... here's a heads up for ya... you might be the extremist we have all been exposed to. (I'd hate to know what the vax is for your kind of virus. Either way, I wont be getting that one either. LOL!)

Even before the 2020 Presidential Election, users of Facebook and other social media platforms faced massive censorship on their posts due to the rise of "Keyboard Warriors" and the need for "Fact Checkers." From these Fact Checks to random violations, social media outlets really cracked that whip... making sure that their users stay within the realms of what THEY, groups like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (which is owned by Facebook), consider "Free Speech."

And don't get me started on Trump...

Womp Womp! So, pretty much, if you hop online, log into Facebook... brace yourself for a whole new experience in "babysitting." Because if you happen to go beyond what they consider "normal activity," you might just end up in "Facebook Jail," and/ or... "The Facebook Land of Extremists." That's right... Facebook, as part of their initiative to "Stop the Hate," but yet because they can't seem to manage their algorithms all that great... they're just flashing a warning against "Extremists" for folks when you log onto the platform. Not only that, they've created a standard policy on it in their Help Center (that I can't link for some reason- so enjoy the screenshots) which now gives random individuals the ability to look up what it means to be an "Extremist on Facebook"... and it also gives instructions on how they can "Red Flag" you, if THEY... or someone you piss off because you shared a non gluten free cake recipe on your feed... feel you are a threat.


Now... You're probably wondering,

"How do they define who's an extremist and who's not?"

Well, if you're a nosy somebody, like myself, who gets to digging further into the abyss of Facebook Articles, you'll eventually come across an article by the name of

Within that article, you'll see a bullet point that says, "Get tattoos of Extremist Symbols." If you click on that, you'll be taken to a website link on the topic, through the "Centre of analysis for the Radical Right."

Who is the "Centre for analysis of the Radical Right?", you might be asking. Well, here is their bio from their "About Us" ...

The Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right (CARR) is a UK-based research centre and pedagogical outreach initiative focused on the study and countering of radical right extremism and intersecting phenomena (e.g. populism, gender, antisemitism, and Islamophobia) that aims to support a variety of mainstream groups, from government agencies to grass-roots charities, through podcasts, commentary, research reports, presentations, media interviews and commissioned work.


Oh no! They're not looking for any Left Wingers who have radicalized themselves. Nope. Not even a thing to them.

So, folks... there's the definition that outlets like Facebook have bestowed upon anyone that is of the Right Wing. Where they claim to be unbiased and all encompassing, there's your proof that their research groups are not. In order to define "RIGHT WING RADICALISM," Facebook's algorithms would only be scanning posts and groups for RIGHT Wing-ish activity.

All of this "Extremist" talk, was coined by Gun Control groups decades ago, but the popularity of it now is absolutely coming from what happened in Washington D.C. on January 6th, 2021.

What's sad about that is that the FBI in VA was notified via social media about insurrection talks, and they warned the D.C. PoPo about it hours prior... but they still couldn't get things in order. Things that make you go "Hmmmm?"

Anywho... with all of that said, don't forget to check out the Mom-At-Arms shop. We've been waiting for the right moment to really push our "Extreme-ISH" shirt.

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