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Far-left Forbes Journalist doesn’t like Mark Kelly because he’s a white male

I love it when these left wing loons eat their own lol. We think he’s a dirtbag communist as well and don’t like him, but for different reasons obviously than this “woke“ moron.

Senator Mark Kelly from Arizona, former space shuttle pilot and commander, took his oath of office on December 2, 2020, after winning a special election to fill the seat vacated by the late Senator John McCain. He’s the fourth astronaut in U.S. history to launch a political career; the first, late Senator John Glenn from Ohio, left office in 1999 after a 25-year stint.
Kelly is actually the sixth member of Congress to have left the planet, though. Former Senators Jake Garn from Utah and Bill Nelson from Florida became NASA payload specialists during their terms in office (Nelson was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives at the time, and later won election to the Senate). Garn and Nelson are former astronauts, but they took a different path from most of their predecessors, so they fit into a slightly different category all their own.
So what, if anything, do the astronauts-turned-politicians have in common – besides the obvious? With only four – or six, if we’re being technical – examples, it’s impossible to do a proper statistical analysis, but we can still make some interesting generalizations. Since 1976, the astronauts who landed on Capitol Hill have tended to identify as politically moderate, most of them have been military veterans, and all of them have come from science and engineering backgrounds.
And, of course, there’s the glaringly obvious fact that so far, they’ve all been white men, reflecting an imbalance of power in American politics and decades of racism and sexism in astronaut recruiting. Both of those things are gradually changing; today’s Congress is still roughly three-quarters male and two-thirds white, but that’s still a step toward representing America’s actual diversity. And although NASA’s astronaut program has a long way to go, today’s astronaut corps is much more representative than it was even a decade ago.

I’m not defending Kelly for a second, but SHOCKING on who the author is. Your typical feminazi that thinks astronauts are “racist” lol. Enjoy it, White make Democrats (and space rangers), they’re gonna eat you alive.


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