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Former ATF agent turned gun control activist/consultant: Some interesting info

Updated: May 20, 2020

Mark D. Jones was a panelist at a recent gun related town hall in Northlake, Illinois. He was quick to interrupt pro-gun panelists and rud/cocky throughout the event. You can judge for yourself in the provided links (videos of the meetings in 4 parts):

That’s him circled in red. He’s you’re typical egomaniac that thinks civilians don’t “need” AR-15’s, red flag laws are awesome, he’s an “expert”, etc. so let’s start from the beggining, his background:

Pretty darn impressive, don’t you think? So, a former ATF agent (explosives division btw, not guns) retired in 2011 and began consulting. Let’s review some more. From the DOJ:

Focus here:

From his LinkedIn

From 1999 to 2009, Mark was a Supervisory Special Agent. So in 2003, what was he doing as a group supervisor for Washington Ceasefire (a Gun control organization)?

Click the link above to read more. What’s also interesting is his wife (or partner) and her connections. Ready for this?

What’s SUPGV? States United to Prevent Gun Violence. Who are they?

States United to Prevent Gun Violence is the mothership of all state level Ceasefire organizations (Examples are WAVE Fund Wisconsin, Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence (in which he’s a consultant for), CeasefirePA, the Virgina Center For Public safety, Washington Ceasefir, etc). His wife/partner is the current PRESIDENT of the main organization

Most recent tax documents (2017)

Oldest available without digging too hard.

So former ATF agent Mark consults for gun control orgs and his significant other is the president of one. WOW!

Mark also has some other interesting connections, such as Center For American Progress (John Podesta’s organization).

It’s clear Mark is a gun grabber and gun grabbing is the business of both him and his partner. But what else should we know about the guy that worked for the ATF, hates guns (for us civilians), and makes a living consulting for the top gun control organizations?

Well, judge for yourself based on his public Facebook posts.

A gun grabbing supporter of socialism? You don’t say.....

Only 22% of America are gun owners? Well either way, he expects us to comply. After all, he’s (formly) Judge Dredd.

He sure hates ATF approved guns that aren’t used in crimes! Gotta pay that $200 tax after all.....

Lots of other stuff to find on him but I wanted to keep this short and bearble. Mark is a professional shill. A professional shill who believes in socialism. A professional shill who believes he’s better than the common person and deserves more privileges. A professional shill that really needs to change his shorts once in awhile (yuck!)


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