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Ganja & Guns

** Do Not Read While Under The Influence ** (Friendly warning)

Marijuana use has been a hot topic for many years. Its either good for you, not good for you, great for an occasional toke during celebrations, or just simply a major "NO NO!" due to its "gateway drug" capabilities. Granted, the "gateway" thing has not been proven or disproven completely, one thing is for sure and Marijuana, under section 102 of the Controlled Substances Act, is still FEDERALLY ILLEGAL.

States throughout the nation have already passed laws making marijuana use legal on a STATE level for medicinal reasons- prescription use authorized by a medical professional.

11 States have issued legislation to make recreational (for some occasional fun) marijuana use legal on a STATE level: Alaska, California, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Vermont, Maine, and most recently, Illinois.

What does this mean for Gun Ownership, though?

These states that have passed STATE LEGISLATION making ganja use legal means that STATE authorities cannot get ya on charges as long as your stash falls within THAT STATE'S TERMS. So, if you're in Illinois and have a baggy of 30 grams or less on you, you're cool on that term alone. Can you own a firearm and partake in some toking from time to time? Yes! As long as your FOID/CCL is up to date and you are an upstanding citizen already- STATE law enforcement can't charge you for anything in those regards. (Sigh of relief, huh?)

Now, say for instance you are out and about, doing yo thang- 30 gram baggy on one hip and your legally owned firearm, concealed on the other- and you run into a Federal Officer (FBI/ ATF). They suspect you or even see you with both... well... up the creek without a paddle for you, bro (or sis).

Remember, State laws are based on THAT STATE. Federal laws encompass ALL THE STATES. So, in actuality, Marijuana use is ILLEGAL EVERYWHERE UNDER FEDERAL LAWS... but for those who've passed legislation, LEGAL WITHIN THAT STATE.

Now, think about all of that while many STATES are pushing legislation to register firearms. You go into your local head shop, pick up a few grams of the reefer, and they ask to scan the back of your STATE license for validation. Of course, those documents are sealed and NOT for public misuse... but if a FEDERAL investigation goes on and that head shop has to comply, those documents go straight to none other than THE FEDERAL AGENCY OF ALCOHOL, TOBACCO, FIREARMS & EXPLOSIVES- better known as, THE ATF.

Especially with Gun Control legislation sweeping the nation, this could very well prove to be an issue for many law abiding gun owners that like to get a little buzz with Mary Jane every so often. Might seem a little far fetched, but considering many STATES passing Red Flag Laws (RFLs) and Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs), the thought of a law abiding gun owner who's also a law abiding joint toker… you tick off the wrong head shop owner or even a neighbor/ ex boo who's against your hash habits... and they know you have a firearm... well...

The STATE can't really hold anything against you except to investigate you for the crimes you're being accused of. BUT! If you happen to be blamed for a FEDERAL OFFENSE, then, things could and can get pretty serious.

(It also sounds like the STATE'S way of setting up gun owners for confiscation purposes.)

Mom-At-Arms' advice to all of you herb loving gun buds out there... READ UP ON YOUR STATE LAWS REGARDING MARIJUANA USE AND BEHAVE YOURSELVES, especially if your local gun control AND gun rights orgs are telling you you'll be fine.

Here's a list of FEDERAL CRIMES just in case.

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