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Geneva, IL school board considering resolution to harass parents about “safe gun storage”

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

UPDATE 10/2: FOIA docs:

The first point of contact for MDA (Taylor Egan) also participated in the mass walkouts demanding gun control in 2018:

On to the FOIA’s:

Original publication:

They never quit. From the Kane County Chronicle:

GENEVA – The Geneva District 304 school board will consider a resolution advising parents about safe gun storage put school officials at its next meeting – after discussion at its Monday meeting resulted in questions about whether it would shame students.
Identified on the agenda as the Student Safe Storage resolution, the measure states that unauthorized access to firearms is a student safety concern and seeks to remind parents that guns in a household should be stored properly – where students cannot have access to them.
Geneva resident Steve McHugh presented the background of the resolution, stating it was a way to provide awareness and prevention both of school shootings and accidental shootings by children who think the gun is a toy, and suicide by firearms.
McHugh said the resolution includes a letter to be sent home about safe gun storage and ask for a parent’s signature.

Luckily, some board members seem to get it:

But considering that a parent can choose not to sign a letter prompted a question from Board member Michael McCormick: “If that is the case, then why sign it at all?”
McCormick said he was concerned that a parent who did not want to sign the letter could see the issue as an infringement of constitutional rights, or possible shaming of students whose parents did not sign.

Some board members seemed to disagree:

McCormick said he wondered if people were not listening to him, as he was not making a point about gun violence.
“I’m just saying I want to make sure our kids don’t feel bad if their parents don’t sign,” McCormick said.

Guess who’s behind the resolution?

The resolution comes from Everytown for Gun Safety, the National Education Association and the American Federal of Teachers, according to the background of the proposed resolution.

Everytown! Hell, the guy that presented it to the school board even lists that he’s a MDA chapter co-lead on his LinkedIn: