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Go to Google and search “man pulling on dog’s tail”, then select images

Joe Biden is the comical gift that keeps on giving. More on this here. Hilarious that Google now associates an act of animal abuse with freshly showered uncle Joe chasing his dog and yanking on it’s tail.

I mean seriously, Joe. What are you trying to do!?!?!?

A dog's tail is connected to the base of the spine. Pulling your dog's tail should not cause injury to the spinal cord, but you could cause serious injury to the base of the tail. The muscles at the base of the tail help him empty his bowels and bladder -- if the tail is pulled so hard that the base of the tail is compromised, he may suffer temporary or permanent incontinence and constipation. The tail may permanently sag, which can cause balance problems. The tail serves as counterbalance when you dog jumps, walks down a narrow path, turns sharp corners or climbs stairs.


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