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Governor Cuomo pleading w/businesses to require proof of vaccination for customers to enter

I thought we were supposed to be the bad guys and the “Nazis”?

Here’s the thing, though. When Trump was president, look what he had to say:

He (and people like him) are power hungry tyrants and authoritarians. They are evil. Plain and simple. They are playing politics with people’s lives now that they’re in control and want those that don’t comply to suffer. F them and everyone like them. Oh, and just for fun, please watch. It’s Biden and Harris telling people NOT to get the vaccines (the very same ones they’re pushing now) when Trump was in office:

Whether you’re pro or anti Covid vaccine doesn’t matter. It’s your choice to get or not to get it. If you support punishing those that don’t get it or restricting their rights, you are a not a freedom loving American. Period.


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