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Gun control activist Tom Arnold calls for....armed defiance

First, some background tweets and posts. he really likes the Brady Campaign, Everytown and Moms Demand Action (civilian disarmament groups)

Ok, fast forward to today:

You see, Tom, the 2nd Amendment is for all of us. You are calling on “white liberal men” to attack “officers“ though it appears. That‘s not peacefully protesting while armed. Matter of fact, those wacky Trump folks are helping protect the integrity of the protests to ensure they’re allowed to expertise their 1A rights peacefully:

We at Mom-At-Arms support peacefully protesting while armed, regardless of what you beliefs are. It’s your right. We also know there are plenty of African Americans that don’t need the help Tom is asking “white liberals“ for.

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Tom they’d laugh at you (and open carrying rifles in Hollywood?)

Seriously Tom, they’re ok, and in fact, conservatives support their right to bear arms and peacefully protest (maybe you should look at your own past and things you’ve done. Are you legally allowed to own a gun still?). Most of us aren’t selective on who gets rights and who doesn’t. Seems that you, Tom, are just expressing your “white liberal guilt” to spin the narrative since you advocated for gun control heavily in the past, especially since your pals at Moms Demand are allied with the same PD that gunned down Breonna Taylor:

Now, go play with your friends at Everytown and the Brady Campaign. Better yet, try telling the above protestors why they should put down their semi-auto rifles and use a “hunting rifle” instead LOFL! Oh, and if “dad” won’t allow people to borrow his guns, isn’t that stealing?

And this has me cracking up!

This too (although not entirely true. Depends on the circumstances and state):

Moral of the story: no matter your race, sex, religion or sexual preference, the 2nd amendment is YOUR RIGHT as an American. Don’t let these goofy celebrities or activists groups fool you. They’re all idiots will turn on you once you‘re not needed anymore.

Edit: And now he’s trying to spin it back on the people who WORKED TO STOP and don’t support the very gun control he advocated for up until just the last day or two. You folks getting it yet? Always have a scapegoat and lie when things don’t go your way is the SOP of these people. They only care about certain rights at times when it benefits them, NOT all the time like true 2A advocates who advocate for EVERYONE to exercise their god given rights:

Colion Noir 🤣