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Gun Control & The Diet Pill Analogy, by yours truly... Mom-At-Arms

We've all fallen for them at some point. While binging out on a carton of "Chunky Monkey," the late night infomercial that reminds you that you have questionable health choices, pops up on your tv and you're immediately $100 deep in ordering that "quick fix" to a set of nice abs. You receive your order 5-7 business days later, start implementing it... swallowing horse tranquilizer sized pills that are supposed to curb all of your cravings, as well as constructing some device that requires you to master engineering overnight (unless you are already an engineer) in order to sculpt an amazing physique in 2 minutes a day, for 60 days... all with a money back guarantee!

That's how Gun Control works. A "quick fix"... a "diet pill."

Gun Control enthusiasts, like manufacturers of diet pills, in order to sell their brand, use an art of making a person feel like absolute poop about themselves, to get folks to buy into what they're selling. For decades they have been shoving horse- sized tranquillizer pills (legislation) down society's throat, in order to find a quick fix to a "gun violence epidemic."

"Universal background checks will solve all of our problems. They're a simple step to keeping guns out of the wrong person's hands!"

After 60 days of the first diet pill attempt failing, you've found yourself looking into ANOTHER diet pill solution. And the process continues, as your medicine cabinet starts looking like the "As Seen On TV" display at your local GNC.

This is how gun control laws pile up. One failed attempt after another.

OH! And let's not forget about the testimonials! All those folks who took the product and posted their before and after pics... "This product is just AMAZING! I've lost 100lbs in 20 days! The weight just melted right off!" Much like how Gun Control enthusiasts promote their "Enough is Enough." LOL!

In speaking with one of my nutrition & wellness pals, we brought up how the view on "diet & exercise" has completely changed from the days when "diet pills" were a hit. Nowadays, there are other options, that promote actual wellness through eating a balanced diet, drinking more water, taking a multi-vitamin, exercising regularly, as well as working on your overall mental health through adequate sleep and relaxation. These practices are essential to an individuals ability to thrive healthfully. It takes research, training, practice, and dedication in order to see fine tuned results. This is how GUN RIGHTS ADVOCACY ... should... work.

My pal went on to tell me that when getting settled into her own practice, her first clients were still of the mindset that they would see results the first day. It took my pal MONTHS to help these people understand that they had to work through some inner demons, FIRST. They had to get over the concept that they could do minimal work to fix a problem that took months, to even years, to create. She had to TRAIN these folks into understanding that a "diet pill/ quick fix" mindset was going to hold them back in the long run. She had to encourage them to reconfigure their prior thinking patterns, in order to understand that a good looking bod comes with logical reasoning, discipline, and dedicated time. Also known as... STRATEGY.

She also told me that the "diet pill/ quick fix" era did a great injustice to the world of health and fitness, that those in the nutrition and fitness profession NOW, have had to work really hard in RE-EDUCATING folks. There were so many people under the impression that if they took this "magic pill," they could still hoof down McDonalds and Dairy Queen every day and lose 100lbs in a month. She and her collogues had to be very strategic in changing views, considering how very saturated the fitness industry is... and especially since many of those professionals still promote a "quick fix." They had to take apart the branding of the "quick fix/ diet pill" promotions and ease more nutritional and wholesome based ideals back into the narrative. They could NOT just come right out and say, "DIET PILLS DO NOT WORK!!!" They had to give it time for the "diet pill" era to evaporate under bits and pieces of PROOF of their more healthier concepts. They had to actually initiate conversations that included a comparison base of "diet pills" and healthy mindsets overall. My pal, and those in her field that thought like she does, had to understand the way these diet pill fanatics thought. In order to get to the root of their issues, they had to implement their own more healthy practices in ways that the "diet pillers" would understand. The result? Today, you have more people attempting new trends like Weight Watchers, KETO, AtKins, Low Carb, etc... and creating ACTUAL LIFESTYLE CHANGES, that have benefitted them more so than any "diet pill" ever has. That's because the professionals like my pal, tapped into some of the same strategies of their "diet pill" compadres and started using some of their key talking points, in order to bring focus back around to a more holistic means of reaching health and fitness success.

When countering propaganda you have to use forms of reverse psychology. We in the Gun Rights world that specialize in it use bits and pieces of the "Diet Pill/ Quick Fix" concepts that Gun Control activists implement, in order to RE-EDCUATE folks on why firearms/ 2A Rights are important. We turn the narrative back around with "tastes/ appetizers." Gun Grabbers could care less about the Constitution. They've worked so long and hard on establishing "feel good" branding within the gun debate, that the poor souls who have no idea, or have never even read the Constitution/ 2A, fall for these gun grabbing tactics. THAT is how they have been winning. WE as a 2A Community cannot... repeat CANNOT... think for a second that going and reciting a phrase from a document that dates back centuries, will affect the thinking patterns of the progressive intellects of today. IT WILL NOT WORK! And the politicians that profit off of these thinking styles will not see it OUR WAY, unless we can bring talking points that THEY care about to the table.

Man! It sure would be awesome if we had a Gun Grabber with major seniority, kinda willing to talk it out? Even if our conversations don't change their mind, at least it looks kinda awesome that the 2A Community tried and stuffs. *sigh* I mean... we're labeled extremists and all. We'd get some spotlight, too, that will help lift that stigma! Maybe that Gun Grabber with seniority might think about our 2A talking points later... if they're serious about the topics they have and how they claim they want unity. *sigh again*

Until we can get PRO 2A EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES implemented into our systems, that teach folks at certain stages in their lifetime, we are going to continue to lose the battle as long as we keep using the "But it's Unconstitutional" excuse. Again... Gun Grabbers & their political allies could give a shit less about the Constitution. The 2A Community needs to put in work. The 2A Community needs to advance their thinking to parralell the Gun Control Community's. WE DO NOT HAVE TO AGREE WITH THEM, either!

What better way to do that, than to have chats with, say... with Brass in the Gun Grabber community that happens to be willing to have these discussions... REGARDLESS OF THEIR OWN PERSONAL AGENDA? (Cause guess what! We have our own agenda, too! The point is to figure out who can play the game better!) Stop taking the diet pill for 2A approach. Its not working!

Our founders sure as hell didn't, but as long as y'all aren't willing to put action behind your words, looks like the most "civil" way to combat these issues, is through DEBUNKIN THEIR PROPAGANDA AND USING THEIR STRATEGIES, WHICH ARE WINNING, TO OUR PRO 2A ADVANTAGE!

#ShallNotBeInfringed but Gun Grabbers don't care about that. They want a quick fix to gun violence. The 2A Community wants to bitch about it rather than strategize to get ahead.


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