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Gun Control wackos react to Virginia lobby day

Updated: May 20, 2020

Just a few of the goodies from some crazy people who think today was a dangerous day. As we reported earlier, it was a day that was peaceful, full of diversity, and everyone was unified as one. What did the gun grabbers think?

This guy tries to sound like he knows his weapons. The rifle the guy is carrying is semi-automatic and was developed in the 1980’s, well after WW2.

“Omg I’m so scared. Please Mr. Bloomberg, protect me from my own shadow”

Supporting the 2A peacefully equals TERRORISM

Anyone want to tell this guy that Northam declares an emergency because of white people? Muh privilege!

Ok, and now some of those “white supremacist Nazi small penis gun nut males”

Gun control proponents have no narrative left after today. Never make them forget how WRONG they were about the events that happened on 1/20/20:

-no gun fights with thousands of people from all walks of life carrying firearms



The gun grabbers lost the cultural battle today. Well done, Virginia and 2A supporters.


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