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Gun grabbing WA State Senator has meltdown over lawsuit challenging “hi-cap” magazine ban

This is too good. On Everytown’s Gun Violence Prevention Day, the Firearms Policy Coalition filed a lawsuit challenging the state’s newly implemented ban on the sale of “hi-capcity magazines. This is one hell of a troll (but very real) by FPC lol!!!

A lawsuit backed by a California-based pro-gun group seeks to prevent Washington’s impending ban on the sale and manufacture of large-capacity firearm magazines from taking effect this summer.
The lawsuit, filed Friday in U.S. District Court in Tacoma, seeks an injunction to prevent Senate Bill 5078 from going into effect July 1. The measure, signed into law in March, does not ban the possession of large-capacity magazines but outlaws the import and sale of any magazine that holds more than 10 rounds of ammunition.
The Sacramento-based Firearms Policy Coalition is backing the lawsuit and lists itself as a plaintiff, along with a Washington gun owner, Gabriella Sullivan of Kitsap County; Rainier Arms, a King County gun shop; and the Bellevue-based Second Amendment Foundation.
“This is another important case in our … strategic litigation program that seeks to restore the right to keep and bear arms for all peaceable people,” coalition president Brandon Combs said in a news release. “The State of Washington is not exempt from the Constitution. FPC will work to strike down and enjoin enforcement of these unconstitutional and immoral police state policies.”

Just about EVERY comment on her tweet was hidden by her because it doesn’t support her position lol and she is getting mocked hard:

Poor Patty.....

Learn more about and donate to Firearms Policy Coalition here:

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Larry Spencer
Larry Spencer
Jun 07, 2022

Gun Violence Prevention Day or National Donut Day, makes no difference -- thanks to tyrants like Kuderer, the fight against totalitarianism never gets a day off.

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