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Gun Rights Are Women's Rights at 18yrs old: US Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit in VA says so

Ok! To be more clear, it doesn't say its just for women, but it was a young woman who took her case to the forefront for Gun Rights.

19 year old University of Virginia student, Natalia Marshall, wanted to protect herself from an abusive ex-boyfriend. She sought out a licensed firearm dealer (FFL) to purchase from... you know... to be a lawful citizen... but was denied because of her age. Instead, all she was allowed was a protective order... a piece of paper... saying that her ex couldn't come near her.

Natalia wasn't giving up on her life so easily. (Read more here: Gun laws barring sales to people under 21 are unconstitutional, appeals court rules - The Washington Post)


In the state of Virginia, women make up 51% of the population, and domestic violence against women is more than 30%. (Domestic Violence in Virginia: Statistics & Resources | VCU Online)

Around 40% of domestic violence homicides in Virginia, happen during or after a relationship breakup... and most of the time, its the abuser who has the upper hand... like a firearm... or whatever else they find useful to commit their crimes... not the victim. If you know anything about domestic abuser mentalities, serving a piece of paper to an abuser is like fuel to a fire. They do not like being told that they do not have control no mo. HENCE THE WORD "CONTROL."

Those stats should be reversed, right? It should be the victim with a means of protection from the abuser, and the victim claiming survivor status. OH! And how did we get those stats!?! Well, those %s are just from cases reported. That means that the Virginia women reporting their experiences to find protection, are only getting a PIECE OF PAPER to defend themselves with, while their abusers are off trying to find a way to end her life! (Yes. This also happens all over the country, but we're talking VA stats).


Natalia doesn't want to be a victim. Natalia decided that she is going to fight for her right to life by being able to protect it, regardless of how old she is. As a plaintiff in the case of Hirschfeld v. ATF, Natalia's voice was heard as The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals struck down the 50yr old federal law banning the sale of handguns to young adults.

HUGE WIN for Virginia Gun Rights. HUGE WIN for the Nation. HUGE WIN for Young Adults. HUGE WIN for Women's Rights!

"So it is hard to conclude that 18- to 20-year-olds have no Second Amendment rights when almost every other constitutional right affords them protection. This conclusion becomes inescapable when we consider the history."

No matter a person's age, the Constitution covers them. Even if they are unable to exercise those rights cognitively (which comes with age), they are always "at an age" to be educated on them.



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