Gun Sanctuaries - What They Are, Aren't, and Will Be

Submitted to Mom-at-Arms by Jeff Wittenborn.

Jeff "JJ" Wittenborn is a retired Illinois State Police Sergeant. His time with the ISP included assignments in rural & inner city patrol, investigations, and SWAT. His SWAT duties included (in part) teaching assignments for tactical pistol, shotgun, sub machine gun, patrol rifle (+AR-15 & M16 armorer), and precision rifle. Additional teaching assignments included Close Quarters Battle, Sniper Operations, Response to Active Shooters, and as team commander for the most active SWAT unit in Illinois. He is a long time 2nd Amendment/ concealed carry activist, engaged in proposing gun sanctuary initiatives, as well as initiating the prosecutorial nullification movement in Illinois and nationwide. Jeff is also an instructor at Valor Ridge.