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Gun Saves MANY Lives of High School Students in Wisconsin

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

A four day weekend of Thanksgiving turns into an extra day of gratitude, as students, teachers and administration at a Wisconsin high school, leave with their lives after an attempted school shooting. Waukesha County South High School came face to face with the fear that is sweeping this nation- where school shootings have become a headliner.

Approximately around 10 am on December 2nd, 2019, Waukesha County South High School initiated an "Active Shooter" Drill, where students, teachers and admins were to stay locked in their classrooms and offices until further notice. Reports state that students say they heard "two to three loud thuds from the hallways," where the School Resource Officer (SRO) exchanged gunfire with a 17 year old male student.

The SRO demanded the student give up his weapon. The student refused- pulling the firearm from his waistband and pointing it at the SRO and additional officers on the scene. The SRO shot the student which caused the incident to become a "Critical Situation." Its also said that the SRO then performed LIFE SAVING measures on the suspect- the suspect was then rushed to the ER and is now in custody. No other injuries have been reported.

School Resource Officers are AMAZING, especially when they have a firearm on their hip. This incident could've been way worse had he not have taken quick action or was unable to level the playing field.

This isn't the only story of where a School Resource Officer responds immediately to a threat and neutralizes it to avoid several injuries, and/ or deaths. Back in March of 2018, a Deputy & SWAT officer in Maryland by the name of Blaine Gaskill, was working as an SRO, when he took quick action and ran towards gun shots coming from the school he was patrolling.

A 17 year old Austin Wyatt Rollins, entered the first floor hallway of Great Mills High School in Great Mills, Maryland and opened fire- shooting a 16 and a 14 year old student. Deputy Gaskill fatally shot Rollins, which ended up saving many more lives in the process. Gaskill was praised by the community as a hero during a time where school shootings and Gun Control have become ever more popular and debated.

Where in the past in places such as Broward County- Parkland, Florida, SROs sat idly by and allowed... waited... for tragedy to surmount, there actually are selfless and courageous men and women who put their lives on the line for many, daily- such as the officers from Waukesha South High School in Wisconsin and Great Mills High School in Maryland.

Now... imagine if there were more SROs available, and/ or administration trained to protect our youth during the possibility of a school shooting. This is actually something Gun Control activists DO NOT WANT in our school systems. Imagine if the SRO of Waukesha County, Wisconsin this morning, OR the SRO of Great Mills, Maryland back in March of 2018 had not have been present at the schools they were responsible for.

Imagine if our youth had a greater understanding and knowledge base of not only GUN SAFETY & EDUCATION, but also CPR and other life saving techniques.

(Much like what I learned in high school- before Liberal Gun Grabbers pansied down this nation.)

Get ready for Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America to NOT use this as part of her Gun Control Argument. Doesn't fit her BS narrative.


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(Pay attention how the Waukesha County School PR lady (Public Relations like Shannon Watts of Moms Demand), Terry Schuster, says that the student "did not comply." This is a play on words considering the #IWILLNOTCOMPLY stance many of us Gun Rights Activists have expressed due to unconstitutional Gun Control laws. Something to think about.)


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